While walking to church on Sunday, L wanted to double check:

“Now, HOW does daddy’s seed get inside of you, again?”

E assured me, in a glance, “I’ve got this.” Then she put her arm around L‘s shoulders and commenced, “You know, like when frogs…” What? Next she went into a lecture on salmon.

No “birds and bees” in our household. We work on a whole other level – “frogs and salmon”.

The thing is, I don’t know if L mentally turns off part way through serious discussions, or if he just cannot wrap his mind around the act of sexual intercourse. But he is, at random times, genuinely interested in understanding correctly. And we are likewise interested in him asking of us, before he looks for answers elsewhere.

Bryant had a good talk with him before bed that night. And L asked some really good follow-up questions, like, “Why would you do that?!”

It occurs to us, in the case of further confusion, we may find it necessary to draw a labeled illustration for inquiring children.  And there will be no frogs or salmon involved.