He went bra shopping with me. He was trying to be helpful. Looking around the shop, he began, “So, what kind of breasts do you want, Mom?” I had planned this outing before I knew L was coming along.

But I would take that boy anywhere, any day!



When you were born, my heart swelled as wide as eternity. It was as if I had loved you for as long as I had existed.


One day I could hear E trying to talk to you. You were such a little baby. She said, “We need you in our family, Baby L.  You belong with us.”

L, you couldn’t understand her that day, but I pray you understand us today. We love you. We need you in our family. You will always belong with us.

You are strong and brave. And you have always used your bravery and strength to protect and help others. When a little girl was being picked-on at the playground, you put yourself between her and the bully. When some wild boys were chasing your little brother, J, you protected him, hugging him close and pointing your warning finger in their direction, until the boys ran away.

I remember overhearing you, one evening, talking to J. Your arm around his shoulder, you said, “With your strength and my speed…” I am not sure where you were going with that, but with such confidence, you two could be planning to conquer the world, together.


You are always up for an adventure. You’ve traveled from Rome to Paris, from Amsterdam to Africa, from Ireland to Istanbul. From Luxemburg to Lisbon. Seventeen countries in your few years of life. And you still wake up asking, ‘Can we go on an adventure today?’


You are a share-er.

You are a think-er. “If I die being eaten by a shark, will I resurrect IN the shark?”

You are kind. While walking together one day, you wanted to talk to me about the Good Samaritan. That story really struck you. “But, Mom,” you confessed after some thought, “I cannot be a Good Samaritan. I will just have to be a Good American.”


You are a runner.  “The life of runing is simpel. You just haft to run. You can probobly beat me if you are fastes in the class. Otherwise you can’t beat me. Fifth grade is no problome. I can beat a fifth grader but only by a second.” (Personal Journal, September 2015)

You are clever. Your maxim being: Wise, yet harmless.

You are charming.

You are honest.

You are obedient.

And …you’d rather stuff your wellies with rocks, than not bring the rocks home.


You are my sunshine, my precious sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamt I held you in my arms
When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head, and I cried

You are my sunshine, my ray of sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away


Happy Birthday, my sunshine – my growing boy, L.