Bry decided that, though our children are good at short term goals, they have not been invited frequently enough to set “long” term goals. So, for Family Home Evening last week, he asked each child to set a difficult 4-month goal for themselves.

We were hoping they would set some unique, out-of-their-comfort-zone goals. Maybe running an 8k, or learning a difficult song on their instrument, or maybe choosing a new skill they’ve always wanted to develop, like watercolours.

But, instead, all three bibliophiles wanted to set long term reading goals. So be it. Bry ascertained the difficulty of each child’s reading goal – read the entire Book of Mormon, read all twelve books in the How to Train Your Dragon series, etc – and calendars were drawn up.

Later that night, after the children were asleep, Bryant asked me what 4-month goal I was setting for myself.


Yep. I want to be able to do a proper pull-up by the end of June. Possible? I think. Probable? Maybe not. But the above article Google procured for me should help in my effort.

Am I worried that the above article with its 7 tips, was written specifically for people who have someone to call their “coach”? Yes. I am no athlete, and the title suggests that these 7 tips would best serve an athlete, with a coach. Hmmm… Maybe I need to look for an article entitled, UPS Delivery Lady! I Can’t Do Pull Ups: 7 tips to Get You There. Why “UPS Delivery Lady”? Because she is often the reason I get dressed in the morning. She comes to our apartment a couple times a week. And, when she buzzes, I know I have about 60 seconds to pull something over my otherwise scantily covered body, before she is at my door wanting a signature for the delivered package.

If she can get me up and moving, accomplishing in 60 seconds what would have otherwise taken me 25 minutes to do on my own, then maybe…

And I think I’ll pick up watercolours as well.