STILLPOINT – Learning Acceptance

I meditate at nights, using the app Stillpoint – meditations, guided breathing, inspirational thoughts, daily intentions, etc.

Stillpoint asks me, How will today be different?

I like to think about that question, every day. Will I choose love? Will I choose thoughts that will serve me well? Will I eat energizing, and healthy foods? Will I choose where to spend my time, or let others choose for me? How will today be different?

In asking myself that question, I take responsibility for my day, but I also offer myself kindness – not blame. It’s not, What did you do wrong yesterday? Rather, How will today be different?

Today’s meditation: Move with them.

“Like a tree, your roots remain connected to the earth, grounding you. And allow your branches to sway in the breeze. Develop a flexibility around what is, so that you may bend and not break.”

Breathing in. Breathing out. How will today be different? I will move with the ebb and flow of what is.