I am stepping away from podcasts today, for MONDAY MARRIAGE MATTERS. A friend loves Brooke Romney on instagram. This is the first article I’ve read of her’s. And it is about Valentine’s Day. Oh well. Every day is a day to celebrate our love for our families, right?

Today will be light-hearted.


  • Where did Mom and Dad meet?
  • Who asked whom out first?
  • Where was mom and dad’s first date?
  • Name three things you know about their first kiss.
  • Where were mom and dad married?
  • How old were they when they got married?
  • What is dad’s favorite thing about mom?
  • What is mom’s favorite thing about dad?
  • What is their favorite things to do together?

14 year old:

  • At mom’s dorm when dad went to tease her.
  • Techinically, mom asked dad first. She wanted an excuse to avoid an ex-boyfriend.
  • Dad’s dormitory with dad’s roommates.
  • Mom wanted dad to kiss her, but he wasn’t so sure. They kissed on a basketball court. It was one of the first times dad kissed someone.
  • Portland.
  • 23
  • The fact that she tolerates his horses.
  • His listening skills.
  • Watching a movie, going on a date, or making out.

11 year old:

  • School.
  • Dad.
  • Restaurant.
  • They kissed. The were somewhere. They were on a date.
  • A temple.
  • 20
  • ?
  • ?
  • Watch movies.

10 year old:

  • College. BYU.
  • Dad asked mom out first.
  • A restaurant.
  • ???
  • Provo City Temple.
  • 23
  • She takes care of us.
  • He works hard for us.
  • Watch movies.

4 year old:

Why don’t we talk more about our lives with our children?

Bryant and I met at BYU, when I was paying rent in the rental office at Campus Plaza, just three or four days after I returned from South Africa. I asked Bry out on a group date months later, but he had another date that night. He invited me to join him and his friends on New Years Eve. And then we kind of decided together to go out on Valentines Day. Bry took me Valentines night to Magelbys, where we shared shrimp. We had to peel the shrimp ourselves, and it was bathing in an orange sauce. Our fingers were orange for days. We still laugh about that – just not when the children are around, apparently. Bry kissed me on a basketball court outside my apartment after a date, months later. Truth: he moved slower than me. Ha ha! We were 24, almost 25 when we were married. And, though we love to watch movies together on the front room couch, that is only because, with four little ones at home, we don’t get a lot of opportunities to do much else on date-nights!