Yesterday, Karalynne encouraged us to really look at our food – good, better, best. ‘Best” being what thought or action, or food, will serve my future self best, right?

Let’s use that rubric for our SO WHAT SATURDAY – applying what I’ve learned this week to my life, in a very real way. What needs do we have, as humans. What are ways I can meet those needs – good, better, best?


  • Good – Ice cream
  • Better – Cheese
  • Best – Red pepper cut up, for a snack during our Saturday-night movie


  • Bad – Ignore promptings from the Spirit to reach out to a friend or family member
  • Good – Check Sally’s status on FaceBook
  • Better – Call Sally to check in on her and her family
  • Best – Stop by Sally’s home to check on her and invite her to participate in an activity tomorrow


  • Bad – Start pulling at my hair
  • Good – Distract myself with a snack
  • Better – Take a break and walk about the office
  • Best – Stop. Think. Be curious about why I don’t want to do this particular assignment. Accept my feelings. Accept my discomfort. Sit with the discomfort. Reward myself with a glass bead in the urge jar


  • Good – Spend time watching a show with the family
  • Better – Spend time talking with the family
  • Best – Spend time changing, strengthening our relationships with our family

And maybe that relationship can be strengthened by watching a show or sitting down and talking together. That could very well be the case. I find those relationships have a greater opportunity to grow when we work together, or when we participate in wholesome recreational activities.

“Just because something is good is not a sufficient reason for doing it. The number of good things we can do far exceeds the time available to accomplish them…

In choosing how we spend time as a family, we should be careful not to exhaust our available time on things that are merely good and leave little time for that which is better or best. A friend took his young family on a series of summer vacation trips, including visits to memorable historic sites. At the end of the summer he asked his teenage son which of these good summer activities he enjoyed most. ‘The thing I liked best this summer,’ the boy replied, ‘was the night you and I laid on the lawn and looked at the stars and talked.’

Pray for guidance, for help, for direction, and then follow the whisperings of the Spirit to guide you in the most serious of all responsibilities, for the consequences of your leadership in your home will be eternal and everlasting.”

Dallin H Oaks