“This is a favorite life hack.”

Let’s start today’s discussion about Floors and Ceilings with a scripture:

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.”

What if this was true? What if small things in our lives – small changes, small actions, even small thoughts – lead to great things? We are talking about the small things today. And big things. Floors. And ceilings.

CEILINGS – High ideals, some positive thing you want to happen in your life, your New Year Resolutions, the best version of yourself.

Here are some examples of ceilings: Run a marathon, stop eating sugar, start your own company, etc.

“What if we only had a ceiling? What about the days when you don’t feel motivated? What about the times you don’t feel awesome and empowered? What about the days you don’t have time? What about the times you feel sick or tired? When you only have ceilings, life feels very hard. You lack the support a floor can bring. It is hard to live in an all-or-nothing.”

FLOORS – Your bare minimum.

“This is the secret to consistency and building a positive change in your life.”

I had never before considered creating a “floor”. It seemed like an easy-way-out. But, rather, the floor can give me a support or a foundation for the habits and changes I want to implement into my life! Fascinating, right?

“Most of us never think of creating a floor.”

A floor would enable us to stay consistent. Here are some examples that Brooke shared, to help us better understand:

Scripture study floor – one verse

Yoga floor – three downward dogs

Running floor – put on my shoes and walk to the trail

“A floor is something you can do in ANY circumstances – sickness, bad weather, traveling, etc.”

I am trying to picture this in my mind. Is it a scale – floor to ceiling? Floor being “put my running shoes on and walk to the trail every day“, and ceiling being “run 5 miles every day“? Can I report back to myself using some kind of scale, knowing something will happen, probably somewhere between the floor and the ceiling. I want to figure out how I could report back to myself using floors and ceilings.

How do you create a floor?

“In creating a floor think small, and then go even smaller.”

I had to laugh out loud at this. Awesome!

“I’ve never had a day that I couldn’t do my floor!

When we live life only with ceilings, it is hard to be consistent.

But always always always I can do at least a floor… When you put floors in, you make it possible to win every day! What would happen in your life if you were all of a sudden getting more wins?”

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” With consistency – even in small things – are great things brought to pass.

Let me figure out a way to “report back” to myself using this system. Look for that in this week’s SO WHAT SATURDAY.