“80% of your health is determined by what you do, not what the doctor does.”

Let’s start here on FRIDAY FITNESS AND HEALTH. I think we believe that, right? I hope we are living our lives as if we believe this. So, then, let’s talk about this. What does the doctor do for me? What do I do for myself for my health?

Doctor. He takes my blood and suggests supplements to help. He prescribes a thyroid medicine for me right now. He counsels with me about my health. He really is my friend.

Myself. I religiously take those suggested supplements, as well as my thyroid pill. I eat healthy. I exercise daily. I get outside. I get massages. We know these things. I’ve shared the list before. And, my friends, I really do these things. I take 100% responsibility for my health, every day.

Discussing specifically healthy brain function, we are told:

“Anything that damages your blood vessels damages your brain. So if you know how to increase blood flow – exercise, beets, rosemary – can actually improve the function of your brain. You are not stuck with the brain you have. You can make it better.”

Does that feel right to you? It does feel right to me.

So, specific to my brain, what am I doing for my blood vessels, and for my brain. Well, I am exercising every day. I am not sitting for long periods of time, without moving. I do breathing exercises every night. Beet juice. Dark chocolate. Avocados. Nuts. Seeds. Blueberries.

Here is something fascinating:

“People who play racket sports live the longest … It activates the cerebellum – you have to get your eyes, hands and feet all going together. It is actually making you smarter, more focused.”

Well, our hosts today conclude with this: Neuroscientists love running!

“We used to think, north-of-the-neck and south-of-the-neck, right? And that everything in Alzheimer was north-of-the-neck, and nothing south-of-the-neck was related to it.”

Of course, this has been found to be far from true. Start living healthy for yourself, today.