Several years ago, our three-year-old attended her first punk rock band concert on the Madison Square Park lawn.  The band was the Deedle Deedle Dees – apparently “America’s ultimate teaching band”.  I must say, it remains one of the highlights of my New York City experience!  We all danced to songs about ant-ranchers, a vegetarian tyrannosaurus rex, and traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike.  The toddlers who had the best “moves” on the dance floor won Deedle Deedle Dee CDs.  E had long enjoyed private dance classes, in the comfort of our small Manhattan livingroom, taught by her dad (an Accountant).  Despite these perfectly priced dad-taught classes, and much coercing from mom, E preferred to bust her move in the privacy of our family picnic blanket.

Madison Square Park, found between Madison and 5th Ave on 23rd Street,  has long been a favourite Blanchard Family locale, with it’s ourdoor concerts, art exhibits, a playground and fountain in the summer months, celebrity spottings year-round, beautifully orchestrated festivities, seasonal parades, and, of course, the New York original – SHAKE SHACK.

Oh, please don’t visit Madison Square Park without visiting the Shake Shack.  IMG_3570 And do yourselves a favor, order a Shack Stack with a side of fries.  Then finish the experience with a frozen custard.  Concrete is my favourite.  The flavor’s are specific to the Shack you visit. IMG_3583


IMG_3584 IMG_3581 FACT:  If you are into counting your daily steps with a pedometer, a New York City yellow cab is bumpy enough transportation to rack up your score.  An extra 2000 steps, maybe.  And all from the “comfort” of that backseat!

So, put on those walking shoes, and hail yourselves a yellow cab headed for Madison Square Park.

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