NYC PIZZA TOP TEN, Brooklyn, New York City

Thanks to we were apprised as to the top 101 pizzerias in America.  I was, of course, not surprised that 35 of the 101 pizzerias listed came from New York.  Yes, we are living in the right place for a pizza-pursuit!!

Day two.  With Manhattan under our belts (quite literally, in this case), we shifted our attention to Brooklyn.

BROOKLYN (in order of pizzerias visited)

ROBERTA’S at 261 Moore Street, is normally an over-crowded destination, but on a Monday at noon, we were seated and warming ourselves by the wood burning stove before our fingers had a chance to thaw.  Colorful neighborhood.  Awesome joint.  You can’t buy a slice, but take my word, you wouldn’t be satisfied with only a slice of these wood-fired pizza pies!  We ordered a Millennium Falco – pork sausage, onions, parm, olive oil, chilis, torn basil and breadcrumbs.

Robertas Pizza 4

SPOILER ALERT:  This Bushwick pizzeria was our favourite.  Possibly, of all time.  Yes.  Add it to your to-do-before-you-die lists.

E:  “It feels as if we’re in a tropicle place and I think this pizza is the best.”

L:  “To small (pizza).”

WILLIAMSBURG PIZZA at 265 Union Avenue.  I think this may have gotten on the list by accident.  To start off, it had a “B” grade for cleanliness posted on their front window.  Ouch.  We sat at a wobbly plastic table, 50’s music playing in the background, waiting for our slices to be rewarmed.  To their credit, the pizzeria sold Fentimans Rose Lemonade and Ginger Beer – two of our favourite British drinks.

The pizza toppings were fun – bacon, apples, gorgonzola, and walnuts.  But the flavors combined disappointed.

Williamsburg Pizza 2

E:  “Tastes strange”

J:  “Wuz good”

BEST PIZZA at 33 Havemeyer Street boasted of an incredible White Pizza slice.  It was good!  The crust was okay, the toppings were fresh.  The restaurant was cute, in a quiet neighborhood.  Quick service.  The music was incredibly explicit.  Be ye warned.

J:  “It was a little bit good.”

PAULIE GEE’S at 60 Greenpoint Ave was our intended final pizzeria on Monday, but, unbeknownst to us, the restaurant didn’t open on Mondays until 6pm.  What a shame.  And then we simply couldn’t get to EMILY PIZZA at 919 Fulton Street with three children on scooters.  Brooklyn is an enormous area to cover on foot!  And with an incredible amount of pizzeria’s – both on the list of 101 Best Pizzerias, and off, but deserving.


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  1. Heidi C. Holmes
    January 12, 2015

    I see I have my work cut out for me at my next visit to NYC! I must verify the accuracy of said report. Somebody must do it.

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