NYC PIZZA TOP TEN, Queens, New York City

We made Queens our final borough.  See Manhattan and Brooklyn for the previous two days’ worth of NYC pizzas sampled.

QUEENS (in order of pizzerias visited)

FAMOUS PIZZA at 75-12 37th Ave, in Jackson Heights, Queens.  There are many “Famous Pizza”s in Queens.  Most of which are not related.  For better or worse, we chose the most convenient.  It was cheap, costing $7-$10 for a 10 inch pizza pie.  It was greasy.  The toppings were acceptable.

E: “It was small, and a little too greasy.”

J:  “Dlicous.”

RIZZO’S FINE PIZZA at 30-13 Steinway Street, in Astoria, Queens.  If the children were truly impressed with Famous Pizza, they had no idea what “dlicous” pizza was to be had just a few miles west, in Astoria.  Rizzo’s is famous for their thin crust square slice.  Good stuff.  Incredibly light crust, good flavor, and our first two slices were “on the house”, as we were first time-ers to Rizzo’s.  Nice.  But what sold us on the pizzeria was the Nutella pizza pie.

Rizzos Fine Pizza 1

E:  “After eating, you should order the pizzetta Nutella, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime pizza!”

MILKFLOWER at 34-12 31st Ave, in Astoria, is a family-friendly sit down restaurant.  They sell whole pies, with non-traditional toppings (ie, no pepperoni pie here).  At the waitress’ recommendation, we ended up with the “Van Dammer”, with brussels sprout, mozzarella, egg, cracked pepper and truffle oil.  Incredible.  Really.  The pizza was brilliant.  And the servers –  happy and helpful.

Milk Flower 1

E:  “It’s great and has some basil but the crust is burnt and thick.”

L:  “Yumy!!” (this kid loves brussels sprouts)

With our Restaurant Reviews completed and hunger for pizza satiated, the children are now interested in exploring the plentiful and varied bakeries in NYC.  Not today!  I’m so full, I could hibernate for a year.


From our mid-winter perusal of NYC Pizzerias comes the final results in order of preference.


#10  Williamsburg Pizza, Brooklyn, New York

#9  Famous Pizza, Queens, New York

#8  Best Pizza, Brooklyn, New York

#7  Rizzo’s Fine Pizza, Queens, New York

#6  Joe’s Pizza, Mahattan, New York

#5  Rubirosa, Manhattan, New York

#4  Artichoke Basille, Manhattan, New York

#3  Milkflower, Queens, New York

#2  Lombardi’s Pizza, Manhattan, New York

#1  Roberta’s, Brooklyn, New York

To be fair, we left off 25 of the New York restaurants listed on’s Top 101 Pizzas in America.  (And most of those 25 would likely be better that our listed #9 and #10 . . .)  Don’t come to NYC looking for a pizza experience without going to Grimaldi’s, just across the Brooklyn Bridge.   Patsy’s in Manhattan, of course!  It’s a classic.  We’ve heard great things about Totonno Pizzeria Napolitana at Coney Island.  And Paulie Gee’s.  Go!  Tell us what you think.

I’m going to sleep now.

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  1. erica
    January 18, 2015

    That’s a lot of pizza!

  2. Ben
    January 21, 2015

    Rach! This is an impressive endeavor! I mean, really… amazing! Well done! So, the brussels sprouts pizza really does sound fantastico. I love you Rach. And your husband and kids!

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