I have become good good friends with Mondays! I feel like Mondays are comparable to a RESET button. I tend to start anew with my goals on Mondays – sometimes revising, sometimes just recommitting.

I have given up feeling guilty for needing to “reset” (almost each new week), but rather enjoy the chance to start again, with a clean week ahead of me.

Getting up and out of bed this morning – the first Monday since Daylight Savings – was killer! In fact, I didn’t wake up at all until Bry roused me after 7am. Woops. My body had no idea.

Well, I got everyone to school on time, one load of laundry clean, breadsticks rising, and I started a new arm exercise this week. I have been doing my arms every day, and I am improving on my pull up – not that I can pull myself up yet, but I can hang on the monkey bars significantly longer now, and I can even start a pull up. That is big for me! I am beginning some more difficult arm exercises this week. This thing might really happen.

While I am succeeding on some fronts, I am falling (very) short on others. That is okay, right? It’s Monday! RESET!



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  1. CMN
    March 15, 2016

    Curiously enough… when I signed up for the gym two weeks ago (yes, the gym that I haven’t yet been back to), they said Monday evenings are the busiest time of the week. Fridays are the slowest. Sounds like a LOT of people use Monday as a reset!

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