Arriving in Slovenia around lunch time, we dipped our toes in Eastern Europe just long enough to enjoy a cheese pizza and some ice cream. We then drove on to Austria, with Vienna as our next destination.

When we finally drove across the border into Austria, we were welcomed with “Gute Fahrt!” If the tolls didn’t make us feel at home, that sign did the trick.


SPANISH RIDING SCHOOL. Once in Vienna, and after a good night’s sleep, we got out of the flat early, in hopes of catching a horse show at the Spanish Riding School, housed in this handsome building:


SISI MUSEUM. Short for, Elisabeth, “Sisi” was an Empress, and quite a character. And the Sisi Museum was especially admired by our own little character, E.

MOZARTHAUS VIENNA. This stop was at my request. Mozart’s Vienna residence, Mozarthaus, located in Vienna’s Old Town, was interesting to me, and small enough to not bore the children.

ST STEPHEN’S CATHEDRAL. We only saw it from the outside, admittedly. But it became a landmark to us, as we passed the cathedral in Innere Stradt frequently, and only found our way by doing so.

CHOCOLATE SHOPS AND CHRISTMAS SHOPS. There were many MANY in Vienna! And visiting these shops was one of our favourite past times!


FOOD. Wiener schnitzel, apple strudel, bratwurst and, of course, speiseeis:


THE DANUBE RIVER. Finally, a view of the (not so blue) Danube, seen behind a blue blue boy:



Confession: I am terrible at French – even after four years of high school French. I am the first to admit it. Terrible. But I can get myself around France, if I need to.

My German, on the other hand, is non existent. Well, besides what my Dad taught me growing up: “Butter bitte”, “Lasst uns beten”, “Der hahn ist tot, der hahn ist tot”. Charming, but not helpful when lost in Vienna. Nor was “Ach du lieber”.

Remind me, before next landing my family in a German speaking country, to learn a few phrases in the native tongue. I am, frankly, a little embarrassed that I didn’t think to do so.


SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Bryant and I, with the three children, left Vienna for a day trip to Salzburg, Austria.


Let me jog your memory.  The HIIIILLS are alive, with the sound of music, ahhhhhhhh.



So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.

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  1. Dad
    March 14, 2016

    Ach du LIEBER!!. Wein ist doch die Schokolade Koenig!
    Und der Schweiz. Und Deutschland. Und Oestreich ..

    Lieb’ dich Rae!

  2. CMN
    March 14, 2016

    oooooo…. the photo of Bryant & children in front of the chocolate shop? Oh how I wish I was there! (Except of course, then you’d be standing inside WITH me, not outside taking a photo. And the children would really be standing there thinking “Why is Aunt C taking SO. LONG…”. Except for L, who would also be inside, standing next to me saying “let’s try *that* one”. He’s super-helpful like that. LOL!!)

  3. Jeanne Davis
    March 14, 2016

    What a wonderful trip. Where is that little girl?

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