I do not know how to say it any more creatively…


Bry suggested we titled the post an “update”. That, my dear, is no more creative than calling it an “announcement”. But you remain ever my favourite fan.

For all my giddy efforts at our production (below), my heart is so tender, and my stomach, slightly unsettled.

We are leaving another home. But we are leaving with only gratitude for this great city. NYC cared for us as poor newlyweds, twelve years ago. Herein we found a home and a living, an opportunity to serve and be served. In NYC we discovered traditions, and made traditions. It was here that four of our five children were born, and where they began their education – formal and informal. We learned to feed the hungry and clothe the naked – literally. We learned to speak with our hands, and follow our hearts. Here we learned how to better love each other, how to more deeply depend on each other. And as we learned how to love each other, we were better able to love those around us. Such extraordinary friends were made in NYC! Such sweet sweet memories!

Here, we learned how to more deeply depend on the Lord, and we’ve tried, these many years, to served Him who called us to and sustained us in this great city.

What an incredibly blessed chapter of our lives NYC has been!

And now we are closing that chapter.

Where will you find us in the opening of the next chapter?


TOGETHER – Your hands in my hands.