Yesterday, while I was volunteering in the classroom, the elementary school had a lock-down drill. A lock-down drill, if you haven’t experienced one, is a drill run by the school, to prepare students/staff in the case of intruders.

Students were locked in their classrooms. Each hid in a corner of the room, silent, with either arms or a backpack over their head, while someone outside the classroom shook at the door loudly.

The children in the classroom were perfectly still. Perfectly quiet.

My mother-instincts got the better of me. I was tear-y eyed, in my corner of the classroom, and preparing to throw myself in front of anyone threatening the children. I still shake a little when I think of it.

What a world we live in! What a world we are raising our precious children in! I sometimes get frightened, frankly. But when I allow the Holy Spirit to work on me, I see more clearly the good amidst the bad. And there is SUCH incredible GOOD in the world!

What good? Here is a copy of the email I sent to J‘s classroom teacher last night:


Senora Garcia. I want to tell you about a conversation I had with J and our other children after school today.

I was volunteering at the school when there was the lock-down drill. I had never been a part of a lock-down drill before, and it frightened me. I was curious how my children felt about the experience. When they got home from school, I asked them. They told me the “rules” of a lock-down, and they told me why they needed to follow the rules. I told them that I loved them, and that the lock-down made me feel a little scared.

J, very kindly, comforted me, “Mom, don’t worry. If someone comes in the room to hurt the children, Senora Garcia said she will use her karate on them, and we will be safe.”

I want you to know that the peace J found in your karate – in your care – made me cry with gratitude for such a teacher as you. Thank you for loving our children! Thank you for offering them peace in a scary world! J was absolutely positive that you would protect him – always. And I am so grateful to you.

God bless you. Always.


She responded this morning:


Oh my gosh, that just made my journey as a teacher meaningful and complete. This is my only hope in my career as teacher, that my students learn and feel love. Thank you for sharing this with me. I have never known what my influence, my teaching and words can really do.


And, there is the good.

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  1. Amelia
    November 22, 2016

    That sounds terrifying! What a sweet conversation to have with your kids though and to hear J’s reply. There IS good in the world! Thanks for the reminder.

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