SELFOSS, Iceland

A few years ago Bryant and I spent a weekend together in Iceland. We were enchanted, and promised to return when we could, with the children.

When we arrived at the airport in Reykjavik last summer, with four children in tow, we were supposed to have been met by a car service. Not sure where this meeting was to take place, we waited patiently, next to a small convenience store near the arrival entrance of the airport. We waited. We waited. And the locals noted our patience. One of the convenience store employees walked over to have a chat. Where are you from? Who are you meeting? Are these all your children? And when I assured the older gentleman that the four were mine, he chuckled and then confided in me, “You will NOT believe what I saw yesterday! I saw, coming out of those doors … over there (pointing, as if something horrendous were about to jump out at us), a mother and father with FIVE children!!” I laughed. He laughed. Then it was my turn to confide in him: “Those were my own nieces and nephews.”

Joining us that summer were my parents, my sister, Bethany, and her family, my sister, Camilla, and two of my uncles. We were quite a site to behold!


Summer in Iceland was a very different experience than our earlier winter holiday in the same country. Firstly, the Northern Lights were not an option, being the summer months. Secondly, we stayed in a small cabin outside of Reykjavik, quite a ways, as opposed to our weekend in a hotel in town.

The weather was warmer, but more wet. The company was younger, but more curious. The nights were shorter, but the blessed days were more full!


ICELAND in SUMMER WITH KIDS (picture edition):

We saw dozens of puffins at Látrabjarg. It was a long drive from Selfoss to this western most point of Iceland. But the weather was obliging, and the puffins were charming.



There were a number of Icelandic horse riding options. We tried two. Neither disappointed:


There were also a number of waterfalls (a LARGE number) to visit in Iceland, specifically on the south coast. Skogafoss was one of our favourites:


We saw a geysir. It scared the children. We visited Reykjadalur natural hot springs We drove out to the heralded Dynjandi waterfalls. All, I can assure you, were WELL worth the effort!


The caves – any caves – alone could have entertained the children and adults, both, the entire week.



Thingvellir National Park, one of the stops on the Golden Circle, is known for its diving. With children, though, we only stopped to have a look at the tectonic plates.



Finally, Bryant and Dad found an ultra-marathon – 35 miles – to run, while in Iceland. Laugavegur. Why not, right?


We left Iceland grateful for the scenery, the hotdogs, the Icelandic wool sweaters, and the Icelandic people. But, even more so, we left grateful for our family. My parents were energetic – always so positive! Bethany and Hyrum were as generous and as obliging as we’ve known anyone to be. My uncles were incredibly helpful with the children, especially on the hikes. And the children … oh, those precious children. I love living and traveling with kids.

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  1. Amelia
    October 13, 2017

    What sweet memories! Thanks for sharing them. I love all of you!

  2. Melanie
    October 18, 2017

    Ireland is on my to do!! Although, I do think I want to explore first without kids, like you 😉

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