We have a summer plan:

MONDAYS – water day
TUESDAYS – library day
WEDNESDAYS – visit family day
THURSDAYS – explore Utah day

This past Monday, though, instead of spending our day at the splash pad or the pool, we spent our “water day” trying to control and then fix a burst pipe. Bry was at scout camp, with no cell service. So my neighbor (bless her heart) and I tried to figure it out ourselves. The fiasco ended in a body of water the size of Lake Superior at the bottom of the street, and a call to Provo City. They sent some men out, who showed us what we should have done from the beginning, and then what we needed to do now to fix the problem. Super nice men. Super helpful neighbor. Super high water bill this month.

Without any other activities planned for that day, the kids went back to working on their forts.

I’ve penned these days the “cardboard-box-fort days”! The neighbor kids got wind of what was happening at the Blanchard house, and joined the box-fort fun. The neighbor mom ordered pizza and I set up a movie on the deck for the kids to watch from their forts.

Someday the children will outgrow their interest in cardboard-box-forts. I will miss these days! I am so grateful – to the very bottom of my heart – for these precious days.




Ah ha.