Today Liam is home from school, sick. I haven’t decided if my day is running slower, or if I’m actually more busy with him here. I decided not to leave the house, and that has slowed my day down a bit. But he and his sister are not giving me a lot of quiet time. I’m washing sheets, I’m serving tea, I’m bathing kids, and preparing requested meals.

Let me see how long they will let me stay here with you today.

“Blow your own mind!”

How do I want to “blow my mind”? Improved muscle tone? Finding an inspiring, paying job? Save more than I ever thought possible? Plan an incredible holiday for our family?

I want to become the future me I want to become. (More on that later.) But, I want to absolutely blow my mind with my results!

Today Brooke is talking about mind over matter.

Matter is neutral. Our mind can literally change matter: muscle tone, money in the bank, relationships, etc. I believe this. It does not take thoughtwork for me to believe this principle.

I used to believe that it is the HOW that is holding me back. How to improve muscle tone. How to find an inspiring and paying job. How to improve my relationships.

But I discovered that that was just an excuse. I can find answers to the how pretty easily, actually.

So. If knowing the WHAT isn’t a problem. And now finding the HOW isn’t a problem, either. What is stopping me from reaching my goals – blowing my mind?

Obstacles. Let’s talk about obstacles.

“Whatever you want in your life… the only things that come between you and achieving that, are obstacles. (Like a ladder.) All the rungs on the ladder are the obstacles that you need to turn into opportunities in order to achieve… That is what I want you to think about when you are thinking about mind over matter.”

And you can look at obstacles, and use them as an excuse to stop progressing toward your goal. Or you can use them and view them as “raw materials for success”. You get to decide.

We can choose what to believe about obstacles. We can choose what we believe about resilience and perseverance.

So, what will it be? What are some beliefs that We can choose to adopt, that will prevent us from giving up? Thoughts that will help us to embrace those obstacles?

  • BELIEF: I can solve any problem. Every problem has a solution. Do I complain about problems or do I take actions towards solutions? And that is a choice! (Brooke Castillo)
  • BELIEF: Everything in life is rigged in my favor. The good. The hard. (Jody Moore)
  • BELIEF: The thought, “What is the next best action?” is a better choice. My brain wants me to go back to bed and watch Madam Secretary, when presented with an obstacle. My brain wants to give up and just watch other people solve problems. Ha! No. Keep moving!
  • BELIEF: When I am stuck, my future self will help me know what I will do to overcome that obstacle. Use her. (Brooke Castillo)
  • BELIEF: Nothing has gone wrong here. Everything happens for me, not to me. It is all a part of the process. (Brooke Castillo)
  • BELIEF: If I don’t try, I have already failed, in advance.
  • BELIEF: I am already becoming the me I want to become, simply by wanting to become her. “As soon as … you start thinking those thoughts about your FUTURE, you start changing in the PRESENT. You start becoming who it is that you want to be in this moment by simply imagining that future.” The obstacles are helping me toward her. (Brooke Castillo)

Here is one more from this episode:

“What’s out there in the world is absolutely neutral. What gives it power is our mind! You give everything out there it’s meaning. You give everything out there it’s power. Whether it is your mother, your boss, your weight, it doesn’t matter. None of the obstacles between you and your goal have any power until you give it power, with your mind.”

I get to decide how I interpret everything in my life. And I might as well interpret it in a way that serves me.

Let’s use Liam being home from school as an example. Is his presence an obstacle? Sure. I don’t have uninterrupted time to listen to the podcast and journal today. I’ve given him the power to be an obstacle to my progress on this blog post. How can I retain that power?

I can use my mind to think differently: Everything in life is rigged in my favor!

I wouldn’t have him as an example to use in this post, if he weren’t here. Right? In that way, he is actually helping me progress to becoming the blogger I want to be – my future blog self. Flexible. Personable. Coming to you from a place of love. Coming to my family – before, during, and after my posts – from a place of love.


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