How about this, for future blog posts in ONE YEAR:

  • SUNDAYS – Sabbath Study
  • MONDAYS – Marriage Matters
  • FRIDAYS – Fitness and Health

That would make today FRIDAY FITNESS AND HEALTH. Let’s do it!

At the end of Brooke Castillo’s podcast, episode 148, she introduced us to a Life Coach who is also a Fitness Coach. Brenda’s entire practice is built on helping clients lose the last ten pounds: Why you haven’t lost it, why it’s worth it to lose it, and how to lose it permanently.

I am less interested in losing 10 pounds and more interested in the psychology behind weight management. I looked for more information on her website.

From what I read, Brenda’s underlying belief is that we have to love our bodies to know how to care for our bodies.

I love Brooke Castillo’s thoughts on this principle of loving our bodies into health:

“I have seen students come to my weight loss program and approach it with an attitude of resentment and frustration and self-loathing. And I have seen people approach weight loss from a place of love and care and allowing and compassion. And I want to tell you, one of those ways is the RIGHT way, one of those ways is the WRONG way… The RIGHT way is filled with love. And the WRONG way isn’t… The underlying emotion, that underlying feeling will be compassion, unconditional love, self-acceptance, determination, discipline. But mostly, it will be love.”

Bryant and I talked about this one night, lying in bed: What does loving my body look like? What needs does my body have that I can meet? We even made a list, right then and there:

  • My body needs monthly massages. This is not indulgent. This is most seriously for my health.
  • Weight lifting. I am likely to have osteoporosis in another 20-30 years. Weight lifting can strengthen my bones today to prevent and minimize problems later.
  • Fiber.
  • Protein.
  • Floss.
  • Sunscreen.
  • 30 minutes of outdoor exercise each day.
  • 10 cups water each day.
  • Fruits and vegetables each meal.
  • Organic meats and produce.
  • My body would benefit from a regular fast, as a detox.
  • 8 hours of sleep. I would never ask anyone to do what I ask my own body to do, on as little sleep as I give it.
  • And how about the “no”s? My body can care for itself better if it doesn’t have sugar, dairy, or gluten to break down. Introducing some of these “no”s into my life will enable my body to care for itself better.

It is about self love. It is about our thoughts. It has everything to do with the prefrontal cortex managing the primitive brain.

“Take some time to question why you’re feeling and thinking (about a food craving) in the first place. For example, when you get home after a long day, and you pass the snacks that are in your kitchen, and those ‘just a few chips won’t hurt’ thoughts start to creep in. Take a step back and think about why you’re feeling that way. Maybe it’s been awhile since your last meal.

The quick fix to that would be to eat a delicious (and nutritious!) meal, and those cravings will go away.”

I have found myself asking my body, when I get a craving, What do you really need?

It could be that I need comfort. There are more mature ways to get comfort, than ice cream.

It could be that I am actually thirsty. Does my body need water?

It could be that I am hungry for a meal – it has been awhile since my last meal. What foods would my body benefit the most from eating right at that moment?

Likely my body needs a lemon. Remember that kidney stone in DAY #1? Ha ha. The doctor says a lemon a day.

Ask myself, Why are you eating each thing that goes into your body?

“Determine the food necessary to maintain your body and eliminate the rest. You will be surprised how much food you need to sustain your body and giving it the nutrients it needs for the energy it needs.”

In doing this thought-work, Brenda suggests we will eliminate wasted time, wasted food, and wasted energy. Probably wasted money, too.

Doesn’t that sound appealing? Doesn’t that feel energizing and healthy, just thinking about eliminating waste?

“Get this done, then move on to more important goals to creating the life that you desire.”



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