Just like money, we can get a scarcity mind set about TIME. “There is NOT enough time!”

This post will be quick (for the sake of time … ha ha ha).

TIPS from Jody Moore:

  • I like to think that everything happens when it is supposed to happen. Perfect timing. It may not be the timing I had in mind. But, maybe it is better than my timing. That thought serves me well.
  • “I am busy” is JUST A THOUGHT. It is not a fact. It is not a circumstance in the model. It is a THOUGHT. And thoughts lead to feelings. Don’t indulge in that thought – don’t indulge in that feeling. Learn, when plans don’t go the way you’d hoped, rather than “spin out in overwhelm” – that’s really not useful.
  • If I think there is not enough time, I am in a rush. And when I am in a rush, I do not do my best work.

How would our emotions be different, if we didn’t have the thought constantly nagging at us, “Hurry hurry hurry. You don’t have time for this!”? How would our day be different.

Remember DAY #13. Thirteen wasn’t bad luck at all, right? We were introduced to the thought: How will today be different? Try it. Today. Believe the thought, I have enough time. Everything that needs to happen today will happen today.


I keep thinking about a conference I attended, some months ago. The speaker was old. He said, quietly and humbly, “Let me tell you about a wonderful experience I didn’t have.”

Everyone was silent. Then he slowly – so slowly – started chuckling at his own joke, the way only a cute old man can do.

His message was this: There are wonderful experiences all around us, ready to happen. He talked about a man he felt he should befriend, but then he didn’t have enough time. He didn’t befriend the man. Someone else befriended this same lonely man, and made a life-long friend.

There are wonderful experiences all around us, ready for us, if we choose to embrace them – if we are not in the mind-set that time controls us – if we use our time intentionally. Magic can happen.

Maybe it’s a bonding experience with my children, if I’d put down my phone.

Maybe it’s an inspiring conversation with Bryant, if we’d get to bed early enough to have a conversation.

Maybe it’s a new friendship.

Maybe it’s a new recipe.

Maybe it’s a chance to bring a friend to church, if I’d think to invite.

Maybe it’s a new skill – something I’d absolutely love – if I’d only get out of my comfort zone.


I’ve just been thinking about wonderful experiences I haven’t (yet) had.


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