“When you can imagine something big and bright and amazing for your future and believe that, then you create those emotions now. When you’re thinking about things that you regret in your past and things that happened to you in your past, when you think about that, you’re creating that emotion now.”

I joined a women’s Bible study group. It’s been a big deal to me. It is a big commitment – I don’t have time for Bible study groups. That’s the attitude I had when I attended the first study group, a year ago. But 20 minutes into the small group discussion that first day, I knew that this was THE big deal – the commitment – I needed in my life.

So, I did it. I joined a Bible study group. And I love it!

This week, in our study group, we studied the “wise woman” from 2 Samuel 20, who single-handedly stopped Joab and his army from destroying her entire city.

What? Who is this?? I know. I’d never heard of her either. I won’t tell you the story. You can read it in 2 Samuel. But, I concluded today, that this woman had to have, at some point in time, chosen to BECOME a “wise woman”: valued by the captain of armies and trusted by her entire people. Assertive, not aggressive. Peaceable and faithful. Endowed with knowledge…”pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits…” (James 3:13-17).

This character, as described in the Bible, had acquired attributes I myself, today, want to develop. It is, in a very real way, what I want to become.

“We are very much programmed to create our life based on our past. We are very focused on who we think we are, and what we think we are capable of, looking to our past to answer that question. The past doesn’t answer that question! The past cannot tell us what we are capable of! What we are capable of is yet to be seen! … You get to create who it is you are, and what it is you are capable of.”

Who am I? I can look to my own imagined future to define that for myself.

FIRST STEP – Answering the question, What do I want my future to be? How do I want it to be different than my current life-experience?

“And as soon as … you start thinking those thoughts about your FUTURE, you start changing in the PRESENT. You start becoming who it is that you want to be in this moment by simply imagining that future.”

SECOND STEP – Write the script for the new me. What are the thoughts I’m now having? What are the things that I’m now feeling? What are the things that I’m now doing? Write the script in detail. Then memorize those lines.

I imagine this as a morning exercise. Wake up, say my prayers, brush my teeth, change my clothes, and, on my way to the gym for my morning workout, I can see myself reciting these memorized lines from the new me.

Then, with these words and these thoughts in my mind, first thing in the morning, I can take the exact actions that I would take if I were ALREADY the person I am becoming.

Got it.

“Everything in your life, in front of you, is a blank slate. You don’t have to bring any of your past with you; none of it. You can leave it all in the dust if you want. That blank slate in front of you is yours. It is your gift for being a human and having an imagination. You could change everything in your life right now if you want…live from that future space!”

I felt a thrill, just thinking that that is possible!

Do you want to go on this exciting journey with me? More tomorrow…


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