FITNESS FRIDAY today! Let’s do it.

“If you want to feel lighter in your body and lighter in your spirit, this episode is for you.”

Small and simple things. Right? We’re going to be discussing “sweating the small stuff” tomorrow. Hang tight. Really good stuff.

But today we are visiting that same principle: A few things can make a big difference!

Let’s get these out there, right at the beginning:

  • Meditation/visualization
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-care (see DAY #16)

I have seen the personal power that comes with the practice of each of these.

But, one of these items is much more difficult for me, in this part of my journey, than the others.


Please tell me how this is done.

“I could harbor resentment and hold a deep grudge towards another person, and more than just building a wall around my heart, my body can build a wall of flesh around my body … Whether it is physical weight or emotional weight, forgiveness is a powerful tool to help you feel lighter.”

I want to share with you an “ah ha” moment I had today, driving home from Costco:

Probably 12 years ago, when I was teaching piano in NYC, I would generally collect cash. And I saved all that cash in a small wallet, so I could use it as our Christmas money. Just weeks before Christmas, I had taken that wallet out of my drawer, put it on top of the stroller, buckled little Ella up in the stroller, and headed into the city to start my Christmas shopping.

Of course, someone stole that wallet. What did I expect, placing it where I did. And all our Christmas money was gone before the shopping had even begun. I was sad about the money – yes. But I was also really angry at whoever had stolen the wallet. I felt violated. I was in tears. Angry tears.

Bry and I visited the local shops, hoping that someone had seen something. But all came to disappointment. Then, once home, to comfort me, Bry reminded me of the very unexpected bonus he’d received just the week before from work. We could use that bonus for Christmas money.

And, when I’d thought about it even longer, I realized that the amount of money stolen in my wallet, was almost EXACTLY the amount of money given in that bonus.

The Lord had been watching out for us! Very literally. I felt like the Lord was telling me, Don’t waste your energy being mad at whoever stole your wallet. You can’t. I already made it up to you.

Fast forward to this week, in the Blanchard household. My sister’s three children have moved in with us, for the time being. Seven children altogether living under my roof. Very noisy. Very happy. Very needy. That’s all totally fine. That’s what I signed up for. But when a friend offered to take the children on Friday, I felt such relief – a light at the end of the tunnel. And I anticipated getting my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving done that day.

A couple days later, the friend had to cancel. Something else came up. And I felt that same sting that I’d felt when my wallet was stolen. Sad that the children couldn’t have the anticipated day-trip, for sure. But probably the dominant emotion was frustration that I didn’t get a break – I didn’t get a chance to do the things that I needed to do. I was truly overwhelmed. I had to close the door to my room for a bit, and have a moment.

Let me tell you this. Not even an hour after the text cancelling the day-trip, I got a text from another friend. “When can I take the children?” And she did. Twice.

And then their auntie texted. “I want to take all seven children for two days. Can we make that happen?” 

Do you know what? The Lord is STILL watching out for me! He still makes up for unmet hopes. Don’t waste your energy being mad about your lost preparation day. You can’t. I made it up to you. And then some.

If I suffer, it is because I choose to do so. Brooke Castillo teaches, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. If I am angry and let it fester, that is my choice. That is on me. No one has the power to do that to me – the Lord wouldn’t let them.

“Are you carrying any physical or emotional weight that you would like to take off, I invite you to consider using … forgiveness, to help you live lighter and brighter.”

I want to look more into this. I want to better understand forgiveness. The energy wasted on holding a grudge. The heavy load it is. And how to take that weight off.

I’m doing the research now. Look for next week’s posts on FORGIVENESS.

Next DAY #24 SO WHAT

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