How about adding another “regular” to the line-up of weekly posts? SATURDAY SO WHAT.

I am at a point in my “podcast education”, for lack of a better term, that I should be holding myself accountable for what I am learning. I should be setting weekly goals to practice what I’ve learned – apply these principles to my life to benefit my life. Let these ideas serve me.

I love true-story sports stories. Rudy. Remember the Titans. Cinderella Man. McFarland, USA. Here is one I heard for the first time this morning, from a track coach at BYU:

“Kyle Perry was a track athlete (who) at the beginning of his junior year was somewhat frustrated by the fact that … he had not yet been able to break four minutes in the mile.

…Far fewer people have run a sub-four-minute mile (about 1,400) than have climbed Mount Everest (more than 4,000).

Kyle’s personal record at the time stood at 4:05.

At the end of cross-country season that fall, Kyle came into my office. ‘Coach,’ he said, ‘I feel like in track I have kind of plateaued. I’m stuck at 4:05, and I’m not getting any faster.’

‘Well,’ I asked, ‘what are we going to do about it?’

He said, ‘I don’t think there is one single thing I can do to cut off five seconds, but I do think there are ten things I can do that can each cut off half a second and together will total five seconds and get me under four minutes.’

…After going through the list, he added, ‘Coach, on February 2 the track team is going to Seattle for an indoor meet, and I’m going to break four minutes for the mile.’ He then turned the list into a legally binding contract by signing it at the bottom. I signed it as well, and we posted a copy on my wall and a copy in his locker.

Over the next three months I met with him regularly for his daily workouts, and he let me know how his ten small things were coming along…

On February 2, at the University of Washington indoor track… Kyle ran fifty-seven seconds for his last 400 meters and became the 302nd American to break four minutes for the mile, running 3:59.16.

He found that sweating the small stuff was necessary to accomplish big things and get him to a whole new level. Building on his breakthrough, Kyle won the national championships in the steeplechase that next year.”

I don’t think there is ONE big thing I can do to reach my goals – words of wisdom from that young athlete! But I think there are several smaller things – sweating the “small stuff” – I can do to get the results I am aiming for.

This is kind of an experiment, at this point. I guess this whole journey is an experiment. That’s how it goes, right? Well, let me set up the experiment.

I would like to use the new Youth/Children program as a template for setting my weekly goals:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Social


“Most women have diary sensitivities … I suggest you try (getting rid of dairy all together) for two weeks. You can just experiment on yourself. ‘What happens when I stop consuming diary? Do I feel better? Am I less bloated? Do I have less inflammation? Do I lose weight?’ Just give it a try for two weeks and observe what happens.”

Brenda Lomeli, The Last 10, Episode 9, ALL ABOUT DAIRY

MENTAL: Write my Future-Self Script

“Everything in your life, in front of you, is a blank slate. You don’t have to bring any of your past with you; none of it. You can leave it all in the dust if you want. That blank slate in front of you is yours. It is your gift for being a human and having an imagination. You could change everything in your life right now if you want…live from that future space!”

Brooke Castillo, The Life Coach School, Episode 231, WHO YOU ARE BECOMING

SPIRITUAL: Read the Book of Mormon daily

“Each and every day, miracles surrounding the Book of Mormon continue.”


SOCIAL: Ask Myself, What is the Solution That Feels Most Like Love?

“If you decide you just want to love him/her, because every human being is worthy of love, then you will show up and you will have a completely different experience in (that relationship).”

Jody Moore, 3 in 30, Episode 17, THREE KEYS TO A HAPPIER MARRIAGE

Let’s do this.


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