It has been a heavier week, this week. I was just telling my brother, Ben, I’ve allowed myself to feel a lot this week. Not out of a desire to wallow, but out of curiosity. Have I progressed through the pain at all? Am I any better?

I think the answer is yes. I think I am a little bit better now than I was, even 31 days ago.

It’s So What Saturday.

Let’s see what goals I had last week, and then what goals I would like to set this week.

PHYSICAL: Say No to events I don’t feel strongly about this week. I also want to keep with No Diary. Besides Thanksgiving Day, I haven’t had a difficult time staying away from dairy. Brenda Lomeli taught in one of her holiday podcasts that, when we think of eating on the holidays, we should understand that the holidays are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. We can enjoy eating on those holidays, without overeating the full 9 weeks that we generally consider “the holidays”.

MENTAL: I have not yet finished writing my future-self script. I overestimated how much time it would take to write. And maybe it isn’t something that we ever really “finish”. This week, I will spend more time Writing My Future-Self Script. Also, I found some more podcasts to go along with my future-self script. I really look forward to this week!

SPIRITUAL: No problem keeping my 10-minutes per day of Book Of Mormon, this past week. Let’s add to it. In my prayers, night or morning, or whatever I find works, I want to ask the Lord, What Blessings Do I Have That I am Not Aware Of?

“My father has told us that there are two things that he prays for every night. The first is, ‘What blessings do I have that I am not aware of?’ and the second is, ‘Whom can I help?’”

Matthew Eyring, Ensign, September 1995

SOCIAL: Last week, asking myself What is the Solution That Feels Most Like Love served me well! This week I want to notice how I tell stories. I want to observe. And then I want to practice telling facts – No Story Fondling. This was part of the Forgiveness podcast.

One of Bryant’s favorite lines from this week’s blog posts was from that same podcast. Let’s close with these words from Jody:

“There is no upside to not forgiving someone.”

Jody Moore, Better Than Happy Episode 141, Forgiveness


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