DAY #44 2020 GAME PLAN


“I always have this extra excitement for the New Year. I love thinking about the New Year, like a blank new canvas. You literally can create whatever you want because the entire year is unwritten!”

Next level results in 2020.

What results did I create in 2019? These were my goals:

  • Finish house renovations
  • “Build” a War Room
  • Read 20 books
  • 5K with the children
  • 100 burpee goal (1 burpee the first day, 2 the second day, 3 the third…)
  • Go to the temple once a month with Bryant

In 2020, do I want to create next level results? Those are Brenda’s words. “Next level results” implies I’ve reached some level of success in my 2019 results. Right? I am looking over my 2019 goals – I think it’s possible to have “reached” my goal without actually getting the results I had hoped for.

Let me consider the goals I did meet, and the results of meeting those goals. What was the goal? Why was it important to me? What result was I looking for? What feeling did I hope to get by achieving those results? Can I take it to another level – do I want to take it to the “next level” in 2020, or am I okay with what I have gotten out of the results?

Let me reconsider goals unmet, and see if the results I was looking for are worth another year’s attempt.


  1. What is your goal? Really get clear on what your goals is.
  2. Why is it important to you? Why is it worth it?
  3. Identify your approach.
  4. Identify the system.
  5. What are the tools you’re going to use to guarantee follow-through? How are you going to get these tools?

Let’s change things up from last years’ New Years resolutions attempt.

“If you use the same approach, you will experience the same exact results.”

And let’s bring the kids for the ride!

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