What a great week for SO WHAT! Let me talk about two things in particular that I was able to do something with this week – two ideas that struck me this week:


The URGE JAR. Yep. And I got Bry on board, too. Remember: Two parts of the brain. 1) The Primitive Brain or Monkey Brain. My kids prefer to call it the Monkey Brain, and that absolutely works for me. The visual is perfect. And then 2) The Prefrontal Cortex. This is the higher brain.

And when I feel the urge to complain or to story fondle or to entertain an emotionally charged memory – when I feel an urge, I sit with that urge and I get curious about that urge. I take a look at where the urge is coming from. What is my monkey brain looking for? What does it fear? And I consult with my higher brain. What are the facts? How could I be misunderstanding the situation or the person or even the past? Is there any good for my future-self that can come from giving in to the urge?

I sit with the urge, and question and consult, until PING, a glass bead gets added to my urge jar. And I am okay. I am okay with me. I am okay with my past. I am okay with moving forward, if only enough for another PING.

I hold on to Brooke’s promise:

“Once you’ve filled that jar up with 100 allowed urges, with 100 beads, I promise you, your brain will not be in the same state as it was when you started.”


I wrote my first MEDITATION. Using words from Brooke Castillo, Brooke Snow, Jody Moore, and the scriptures, I did it – I wrote my own meditation. This is BIG.

Remember from DAY #39:

“The most important thing I have ever done for mothering my own children well has been learning how to mother myself in a loving and nurturing way. I cannot overstate the connection here. Mothering yourself with love will grow your skill of ‘mothering’ more than anything else I have found thus far.”

I recorded it – my first meditation – so I could listen to it at nights, or when I need to help my prefrontal cortex manage my monkey brain.

I want to do it again. I want to do it again. And maybe someday I will share my meditations here.

Let’s start another week! I’m ready.

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