So What Saturday. Let’s look at what I learned this week, and how to use it, to serve me.

MONDAY: Take Off Your Crown

“I live in the strong and unshakeable kingdom of God. The kingdom is not in trouble and neither am I.”

So what? I am adding this phrase to my meditation this week. I want it to be a part of my daily thoughts.

TUESDAY: Abundance and Scarcity

“The best place to begin is to be abundant about what you already have.”

So what? Bryant and I want to introduce the idea of “perspectacles” to the children. This week. On Monday night. I’ll even create physical spectacles – probably sparkly and purple – and have the children practice using these “perspectacles”.

WEDNESDAY: The Power of Coaching

“If we never leave the cave, we don’t go explore the rest of the world. We don’t make our lives better. It’s the discomfort that gets us to a better life and a better situation.”

So what? I will hire a coach. I have two in mind. I will practice some courage, and some faith, and exit the cave into this unknown “world”.

THURSDAY: Pain Now or Later

“Reconcile this idea of pain now versus pain later, and always choose pain now, when possible.”

So what? I think hiring a coach IS choosing pain now over pain later. Right? “Silence. Journaling. Coaching.”

FRIDAY: How to Eat

Eat when you’re hungry at a -4 and then stop eating when you’re satisfied between 3 to 4. If you follow this hunger scale of eating at -4 and stopping at 4, that will really keep you nourished at a level that you need, and satisfied.”

So what? Well, I’ll do it. Right? That’s all there is to it. Listen to my body. Be curious about my body’s cues. Experiment with the food and the amounts of food that I take into my body, using this scale. Practice trusting myself, and serving my body.

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