Tony Robbins says it this way: If you want to take the island, you need to burn the boats.

This is a familiar phrase. Where did it come from?

1519. Hernán Cortés.

Cortes led a large expedition of 600 Spaniards to Mexico to capture an Aztec treasure. Upon arrival, Cortés made history by destroying his ships – burning his boats. This sent a clear message to his men: THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. They either win or they perish. The men rallied behind their leader, and within two years, Cortes succeeded in his conquest of the Aztec empire.

And what does this have to do with FRIDAY FITNESS AND HEALTH?

“At the very moment (they) invest in a bold, courageous, next level, they instantly show up bigger – they show up bolder. They show up to change, to get the results they want in a way that they never have before… They are all in. This is what it means to ‘burn the boats’ – they are all in.”

It’s a level of commitment that will move you forward – absolute commitment.

“Not a comfortable or convenient commitment. It’s an absolute commitment… taking the leap. There’s only one option.”

One way of doing this is by investing in a coach – “investing in yourself in a way that feels BIG.” You are showing courage, you are showing up bigger and bolder for yourself, than you ever have before.

Bry did it. He signed up for a “coach” to help him with his weight-lifting, and to help him prepare for his next Spartan. Go Bry!

“This was the best gift I ever gave myself – to invest in this big bold way. I finally was going all in on my big dream. It was an absolute commitment in the instant I made that investment.”

What about me? I found a coach I want to hire for me. I also found a coach I want to hire for Ella, at her request. I think it will put her on a path, and keep me committed to practicing these principles with her, as well.

What else? What am I ready to go all in on?

I want to stop blaming, and take back control of my life. And this week, I burned the boats. Well. I burned one. I absolved an old friend of any hurt they’d caused me. I can’t take that boat “back” now. My only option now is to face my insecurities, own my thoughts, my feelings, my actions. I can no longer blame her for hurting me. By forgiving her, aloud, to her, I was committing that I was going to do the work, and that I didn’t need her to change for me to do that work of healing.

I burned that boat of “blame”.

“Going ‘all in’ is a skill. And you learn it by doing it.”

What else? I can do this! What do I really want? What does “burning the boats” look like for me.

  • I want to better manage my brain, to serve me – what does “burning the boats” look like?
  • I want to better manage my resources, to serve me and my family – what does “burning the boats” look like?
  • I want to learn to handle my trichotillomania – what does “burning the boats” look like?

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