Saturday So What.

“The only things that are true are things that feel loving, focused, kind, compassionate, and honest.”

Jody Moore – The Shame Blame Trap

I loved the words shared this week on the power of understanding and believing truth.

Truth. Nothing has gone wrong here. We have made choices, and those choices have given us experience. It is part of the plan. “Mistakes” are part of the plan. Experience is part of the plan.

Truth. We mess up. A lot.

Truth. But we are still good.

Truth. Other people will mess up. A lot.

Truth. But they are still good.

Truth. We create our own emotions and our own experiences.

How about in emotionally charged situations? What is the truth – the facts – of the situation. Create thoughts based on facts. Create emotions based on facts – truth. Act on facts, on the truth.

“Whenever you’re in a situation, take a breath and say, ‘What are the facts?’…

Think about the stories that you tell yourself and make sure you’re distinguishing those stories from (the facts). Because we create dramas – stories – about other people and about our own situation that are literally fiction.”

Brooke Castillo – Drama
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