I want to take a minute to look again at my future-self. Where do I live? Where are the kids? Where is Bryant? What do I look like? What are my struggles – what false pleasures do I indulge in? What are my strengths? What is our 10 year plan?

I picture my future-self as being wiser – she’s done more thought work and has more control over her thoughts, her emotions, her actions and thus, results.

I want to ask her, Where does this all lead to?

But, the truth is, I can know that right now. I can know the “result” line in the model, right now. Remember from yesterday:

“Every single result you have in your life is the bottom line of the model – you had a thought and a feeling and took some action.

Put the result that you have in your life, in the RESULT line, and then trace it back up to your thinking. Take responsibility.

If you want to know what someone’s thinking, look at their life. If you want to know what you’re thinking, look at your life. Your thoughts are never a secret. They’re manifested in the results of your life… When you see what you think about, you see where you’re going. It’s almost like looking at the GPS.”

What am I thinking about? Right now? I used to think that I could keep my thoughts to myself. That I could feel frustrated at someone, but be kind to their face. I could feel frustrated at myself, maybe, and still come across confident. And maybe I could fool some people. But it always always led to something. My thoughts always led to an emotion and eventually an action.

“And then you really get nervous about, What are the thoughts that I’m thinking now, because I’m going to see them be manifest. I’m going to create them in my life.

If my thoughts, like magnets, draw people and even situations to me, I need to be more intentional in my thoughts!

Thoughts directly lead to results.

“If you imagine yourself in your dream life and where you could be, all you’re doing is thinking the thoughts of that life.

So think about it. What will be the difference when you’re actually there? Nothing. You will still be thinking the thoughts of that life.”

This is absolutely fascinating! What are my thoughts in “that life”?

  • I won’t be thinking about others’ past hurtful actions/words. Those things won’t cross my mind in “that life”.
  • I won’t be thinking about the things – the false pleasures – I am denying myself, because I will understand that I am not denying myself at all. I am serving myself. I will be grateful to myself.
  • I will be thinking, every day, Everything in life is rigged in my favor!
  • I will be thinking, regularly, about the bountiful blessings in my life.
  • I won’t be thinking as much about what to wear, because, in “that life” I will only have outfits in my closet that I feel confident wearing. I will be thinking, Wow! Which one should I wear today?
  • I won’t be thinking about another house, because I will be in love with my house.
  • I will be thinking, My children are exactly who they are supposed to be. Nothing has gone wrong here. They have individual missions here on earth, and THIS is part of it – it is all part of it.
  • I will be thinking more about what I can do to help Bry, than what he should do to help me.
  • I will be thinking about the next uncomfortable thing that I can do.
  • Because of what I have done for ME, I will be more able to show up, I will ask others, I’m here, what do you need?
  • In “that life” I will be praying: More holiness give me. More strivings within. More patience in suffering. More sorrow for sin. More joy in His service. More purpose in prayer. More gratitude give me. More trust in the Lord. More pride in His glory. More tears for His sorrows. More meekness in trial. More purity give me. More strength to overcome. More fit for the kingdom. More used would I be.

Can I think those thoughts – all those thoughts – today? Can I let those intentional thoughts lead me to an exact result?

“When you look at your life, how much time are you spending thinking about your past? Because that’s what you’re going to recreate. How much time are you spending complaining about your present? Because that’s what you’re going to create. Those thoughts are all optional. But when you spend a lot of time thinking about the future you are creating in this moment, then that is what you create.”

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