Friday Fitness. This is quick. This is not new information.

Three meals a day.

Eat good quality protein, every meal.

Eat non-starchy vegetable, every meal.

Eat healthy fats, every meal.

Don’t eat flour. Don’t eat dairy. Don’t eat sugar. Don’t eat processed foods.

This is familiar, right? Let’s get into a new concept. The concept of the Hunger Scale.

The Hunger Scale: -10———-0———-10

10 completely stuffed like you are in physical pain because you ate so much

5 in between more and more full

0 neutral

-5 in between less and less hungry

-10 extremely starving, like you haven’t eaten in days

“Eat when you’re hungry at a -4 and then stop eating when you’re satisfied between 3 to 4. If you follow this hunger scale of eating at -4 and stopping at 4, that will really keep you nourished at a level that you need and satisfied.”

This takes a little bit of experience, a little bit of exploring and figuring-out to be able to make it work for you. If you are more hungry than a -3 or a -4 by meal time, then you need to add more protein to your meals. Does that make sense? Experiment around.

And then, if you have 3 meals per day, 7 days per week, that’s 21 meals per week.

“For 20 of those meals, follow the nourishing life protocols described above. For the 21st meal, joy eat.

A joy eat is when you eat anything that you like to eat.

This is not a ‘cheat meal’ or a ‘cheat day’. If you have a whole day off the plan, it sabotages your progress, so don’t do that. And a ‘cheat meal’ implies that you’re cheating on yourself, you’re doing something you’re not supposed to do. With that comes these feelings of guilt and beating yourself up about it. That’s not what we want either.

Bring some really great positive feelings to this: it’s a joy eat. You decide what you’re going to enjoy, on purpose. You do it ahead of time and then you actually just let yourself fully enjoy it. No feeling guilty.

When you do that, planned and on purpose, it rebuilds trust and integrity with yourself. It’s part of the plan and you follow through. It also helps you regain authority over your choices when it comes to food and weight and getting the results you want.”

Simple, right? Whether it’s to lose weight, or just to feel good in our bodies, being in control – being intentional – will serve us well. It will take care of emotional highs and lows caused by the foods we take into our bodies. It will enable us to spend our time and energy on things that we want to spend our time and energy on, because we aren’t worrying about what we’ve eaten and everything that goes along with the feelings that accompany a poor diet: feeling deprived, cravings, binging, sabotaging our results, feeling discouraged, distrust in ourselves, sluggish, etc etc. The list could go on.

“The math of actually just eating the right nutrition is so simple. All the other drama we create around it is just drama.”

Oooo. I want to do a post on drama. It is everywhere! In our kitchens – for sure. In our relationships with others. In our relationships with ourselves. I’ll get back to you on this – drama.

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