We made it to 100 days! I am so grateful to be here today. I am grateful to the podcasters who have given me so much. I am grateful to myself for doing this – for getting this work done as a gift to myself. I feel incredibly emotional this morning, grateful to the Lord for leading me in this direction – for letting me NOT be okay, so that I could learn the skills to do this.

How am I different today from 100 days ago? I am crying less. I am sleeping more. I have learned to manage my thoughts better. I am growing my relationship with my future-self. I have been able to teach my children some of these skills – I am setting them up for their own futures! I am a better partner to my husband. And I am a better friend to myself.

“Many people, when I first introduce this topic, have resistance to it, because it sounds like I’m telling people they should be selfish, and should be thinking about themselves more. And I’m not talking about thinking about yourself more. I talking about thinking about yourself different.”

The times in my life that I have loved myself the most, I have thought about myself the least. I am okay with how I look – I don’t need to worry about it throughout the day. I am okay with who I am – I don’t need to worry what others think. I accept that I am not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but I am mine. On purpose. And I am His. He tell me this.

When I am okay with me, I am okay with you. I can make decisions from that place.

“When you intentionally validate yourself, then you can spend the rest of your day focusing on other people and other things, and not to be so worried about yourself.”


  1. I am a daughter of God, and I know it
  2. I can do anything I set my mind to do
  3. I am a wonderful wife
  4. I am a wonderful mom
  5. I am a really good cook
  6. I do the work to feed my family incredibly healthy foods
  7. I make a hot breakfast for my family 6 days a week
  8. I love my body
  9. I tried out for cheerleading in High School, and didn’t make it, but I tried – I love that I did that
  10. I can dance!
  11. I “gift” myself a new skill every Mothers Day
  12. I lived in NYC – I am a New Yorker
  13. I lived in London
  14. I have some incredible scars from life-saving surgeries – I fought to live
  15. I can sign ASL
  16. I play the piano
  17. I volunteer my skills freely
  18. I read … a lot
  19. I am a good “minister”
  20. I am an awesome friend
  21. I am very prayerful, and the Lord hears me and answers me
  22. I served as a missionary in Africa
  23. I can play The Entertainer, on the piano, with my toes
  24. I exercise, and I take good care of my body
  25. I always use a reusable bag at the grocery store
  26. I can remember names, really really well
  27. I am a great gift-giver
  28. I have an honest heart
  29. I keep track of birthdays and I send cards almost every year
  30. I keep track of death days and I send cards to their loved ones almost every year
  31. I call my grampa and gramma, regularly
  32. I keep a beautiful home
  33. I entertain regularly in this beautiful home, and I am really good at it
  34. I keep a journal for each of my children, and read to them every week from their journals
  35. I write … a lot
  36. I am affectionate
  37. I am hard working
  38. I love children, and children love me
  39. I love teenagers, and teenagers love me
  40. I love people, and people love me
  41. I do not think I am better than anyone else
  42. I call anyone with a nametag on, by their name
  43. I know the scriptures well, and I use them
  44. I am good at keeping in contact with people
  45. I am genuinely kind
  46. I can set goals, and I can reach goals
  47. I am reliable
  48. I am a good dresser
  49. I love to learn
  50. I honestly feel excited for other people’s success
  51. I am okay being wrong
  52. I am a good teacher
  53. I make my kids laugh
  54. I can read my children well
  55. I birthed five babies
  56. I ran a marathon
  57. I am a piano teacher, and my students love me
  58. I can love people who don’t love me … yet
  59. I am organized
  60. I got two college degrees
  61. I know how to say no
  62. I know how to ask for help
  63. I love my dad
  64. I love my mom
  65. I love my siblings, and I get along with all of them
  66. I sing in my car
  67. I sing in my bathroom
  68. I sing in my kitchen
  69. I even sing on the subway in NYC
  70. I love my freckles
  71. I laugh my heart out with my sister-in-law
  72. I listen to counsel
  73. I have a great memory, and memorize quotes easily
  74. I am a thinker
  75. I am a creater
  76. I can cut hair
  77. I admit my wrongs quickly, but I am kind to myself, too
  78. I am very brave
  79. I am very strong
  80. I let others be strong
  81. I am frugal
  82. I am comfortable in other countries and in other cultures
  83. I will eat almost anything
  84. I get my teeth cleaned, every six months, and I rarely get a cavity
  85. I never walk on people grass, when I can reasonably walk around it
  86. I appreciate art
  87. I crochet
  88. I have a distinct voice and a distinct laugh
  89. I am incredibly resourceful
  90. I shovel the driveway in the winter
  91. I weed my garden myself in the spring and summer
  92. I am fiercely devoted to my husband and children
  93. I can talk easily to anyone
  94. I have good grammar
  95. I have a son on the other side of the veil, and I still pray for him
  96. Thank you, Rachel, for going through pregnancy and delivery, to bring these children into our family
  97. Thank you, Rachel, for your loyalty to the Lord and to your family
  98. Thank you, Rachel, for turning to the Lord in your suffering, and for turning to your husband
  99. Thank you, Rachel, for marrying Bryant
  100. I love my life – and I make that choice every day

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