I enjoyed this week, so much! I learned so much! I wish I could bottle up these ideas, these thoughts, these emotions, and let them rule my actions, every day. I am trying, my friends. I am trying. Let’s look at what stood out to me this week. Let me take today to review, day by day, my takeaways.


What does it look like to “always remember HIM”? What does that look like?

In the words of the hymn, More Holiness Give Me: 

More tears for HIS sorrows and more pain at HIS grief.

More faith in my Savior.

More joy in HIS service.

More zeal in HIS glory.

More hope in HIS word.


Feeling connected to our spouses doesn’t at all mean them to behaving in a certain way, to make us happy.

“I feel connected to my husband when I am present to who he is and what he does.

So what’s the point of having a (spouse)? Just so you have someone to love.”


“If we want our children to love and accept who they are, our job is to love and accept who we are. We can’t use fear, shame, blame, and judgment in our own lives if we want to raise courageous children.”


Did you know that you can believe whatever you want to? Even if you have tons of evidence that something is true, even if everybody around you is thinking it and offering it to you, you don’t have to believe it – you get to believe and think anything you want to.

“You could just believe that everything’s going to work out. You could just believe that you’re doing it perfectly. You could just choose to believe that your body looks exactly the right way. You could believe that you’ve been doing this whole parenting thing, raising your kids, you’ve been doing it exactly the way you’re supposed to.

You can just choose to believe that you’re going to achieve the goal you want to, right on time, and it’s going to be easy and fun. You could choose to believe that everything that happens in your life is happening for you, and it’s all conspiring in your favor. When we resist it and push back against it with negativity and stress and overwhelm, we’re actually pushing against our best life.

You could choose to believe anything you want to, my friends. Now… to decide to believe something different will oftentimes not just happen overnight. Your brain will have to start collecting evidence for different thoughts, but you do have the ability to think about things any way you want to…

I like to own as much of the results of my life as my brain will possibly let me. I know I’m the creator of all of them, but some of them I can’t get my brain to yet. I’m working on it. When things go wrong, I like to say, ‘Oh, I’ve created this. In what way did I create this? This is the best news ever that I created it, because that means I can create something different’…

If things aren’t right with my money or my health or any other area of my life, I always pause and say, ‘In what way have I created this?’. Again, not, ‘This is my fault. What’s wrong with me?’. Just, ‘I am the creator of this. In what way is that true?’. Acknowledging it with compassion gives me so many more choices going forward.”


There is a difference between boundaries and requests. And I think we need to make more requests. And if a boundary does need to be set, set it from a place of love.

“Love will always win.”


What am I going to change about my sleep habits, to take care of my body in that way? I am going to get to bed earlier, and with a hot cuppa in hand.

It is late right now, my friends. Time for my cuppa.


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