I loved studying change this week! I am going to change. I’m all in.

We will continue to study change next week, looking more at meditation as a mode of change. But let’s start preparing for that now. Let’s use the model.

THOUGHTS – Envisioning that change already in me – using picture prayers, using meditation. Also, affirmations: I AM statements. More on those in next week posts.

FEELINGS – Question my emotions. If negative, do the thought-work to figure out the why. If positive, say it out loud, “And it was very good” (Genesis 1:31).

ACTION – What small and simple things can I do that will dovetail on these thoughts and emotions.

Small and simple is all it takes. One penny, doubled each day for a month – do you remember that math question? Darren Hardy said, “Most people get tripped up by the simplicity of the compound affect. What they don’t realize is that these small steps, completed consistently over time, will create a radical difference.”

RESULT – I am creating for myself a 30 day challenge in meditation. We know 30 days of double a penny adds up to a fortune, we can assume that 30 days of small thoughts and small acts, in this case, can also add up to a fortune. Compound affect. I will write the meditation today, focusing on my thoughts and my power to change in the three areas listed below. I will report the results in about 30 days, and link that post here, after the fact.

Let’s look at the areas that I will be focusing on in my daily meditations and affirmations.

Health –

  • T I love and accept you, Rachel. My body is serving me perfectly. I want to serve it perfectly, too.
  • F And it was good
  • A When I find myself buffering, using food or facebook or pulling at my hair, I can ask myself, What is it my body really needs? I can use this list.
  • R I see my future-self in my mind, with the ability to do whatever I ask it to do, comfortably, even energetically.

Motherhood –

  • T I love and accept you, Rachel. The children are exactly who they are supposed to be. And by being in my life, they have improved my life, immeasurably.
  • F And it was good
  • A Spend a minute with each individual child before they fall asleep. And anytime I get frustrated with the children, reiterate my THOUGHT, like a mantra.
  • R I see my future-self learning more from the children than I have ever before, and enjoying motherhood more than ever before. I see my next 10 years being the motherhood of my dreams.

Confidence –

  • T I love and accept you, Rachel. I am 100% worthy, the way I am. I am 100% lovable, the way I am. I am literally a daughter of God. And if He is love, then I am love. I am created by love and for love.
  • F And it was good
  • A Daily meditation in a quiet place, for five minutes. Daily affirmations, using the same words of the meditation, whenever I am frustrated, embarrassed, self-conscious, hurt, disappointed, impatient.
  • R I see my future-self offering my children a belief system around who I am, who they are, who the people around them are, and our responsibility to others.

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