“Your true identity is love. You were made by love and for love so that you can give love.”

That is our identity. That is also the best way to accomplish anything. Love ourselves into health. Remember? Love ourselves to success. Love ourselves into change – it is not about beating ourselves up in order to change, but rather accepting ourselves here and now and then asking ourselves to try something different to get different results in our lives.

How about in our families. Love is how I want to teach, it is how I want to discipline.

Love is how I want to make decisions. I use Jody Moore’s words in my evening meditation: “Love is always going to serve you best. It is going to create your best results for yourself because … it’s going to drive your best action. You are your best, most creative, most confident, most genius self when you’re operating in love.”

Love is the greatest commandment. (Matthew 22:36-40)

Love is the one principle that will have the greatest impact on your life.

If I am a daughter of God, and God is love, then I am love.

If we want to change ourselves, we need to change the way we see ourselves, what we say about ourselves, change our feelings for ourselves. Let’s talk about two different practices. One, meditation. Two, my manta, or another word for it would be my affirmation.

“Choose the best words we can to create our life.”

MEDITATION. Bryant found a meditation program he started using, just yesterday morning. Remember Dr Joe Dispenza?

I am going to join Bry in the mornings, in using these prepared meditations. I am still writing my own meditations to use, as well. I want the lessons I am learning daily to be a part of me. I want these thoughts – these “best words” – to be the words my mind goes to, regularly, every hour of the day.

AFFIRMATIONS. Affirmations are going to happen in our minds, anyway. And they can be positive and intentional, or they can be negative and on autopilot.

“If we continue to use negative affirmations, we will continue to create the negative. ‘I am stressed out’ is a sure fire way to stay stuck.”

‘I am’ statements hold sacred creative power. Whatever words follow ‘I am’ immediately create an image.”

Mantra meditation is meditating on a single word or phrase that you repeat over and over again in your mind, from a place of quiet stillness.

The mantra I chose is:

I am 100% lovable, just the way I am. I am 100% worthy, just the way I am.

  • Sit comfortably
  • Close eyes
  • Palms up in your lap
  • Deep inhales/exhales
  • Repeat mantra on each slow inhale
  • 5 minutes

“Feel the mantra take hold inside of you.”

And then that affirmation – that mantra – should be something you can repeat to yourself through your day:

When you have thoughts of comparison, state the mantra.

When someone disappoints you, state the mantra.

When someone hurts you, state the mantra.

When you feel embarrassed or overwhelmed, state the mantra.

I am 100% lovable, just the way I am. I am 100% worthy, just the way I am.

And when I believe that I am 100% lovable, 100% worthy, just the way I am, I can still feel the primary negative emotions that come – fear, frustration, embarrassment, or whatever it is, but I don’t need to feel the secondary emotion that makes that primary emotion a problem at all. Does that make sense? I don’t have to feel angry that I feel fearful. I don’t have to feel embarrassed that I feel frustrated. I don’t have to feel stressed that I feel embarrassed. I accept my primary emotion as part of the 50/50, knowing that it doesn’t affect my lovability, it doesn’t affect my worthiness. I see!

Let’s get more into those primary emotions and secondary emotions tomorrow.


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