We were with Chris and Lori Carr and their children at their home probably a month before he passed away. Such a fun evening. And I don’t have any regrets about my last time being with Chris, but, for a second, I wondered if I had used the time to its fullest. And then I asked myself in my journal, How would I spend my time with my loved ones differently if I knew it was my last time to be with them? I imagine I would talk less and encourage them to tell their stories, so I’d have those to remember them by. I would look at them with all the love in my heart.

I imagine in my mind the reunion that will take place someday, when Chris and Lori are together again, when Abby and the other children are with her dad again. I can picture it clearly in my mind’s eye. I can feel the emotions now of that reunion.

This practice is exactly what Brooke is talking about today. Can I visualize my own future reunions, can I visualize what it is I want to have in my life, and visualize my own future emotions?

Not every day that I sit down to blog am I thrilled to blog. 90% of the time I am absolutely IN. These podcasts – these ideas – have fascinated me. I love this ONE YEAR. Thank you, Rachel, for giving me this gift! Thank you for doing that. Thank you for being brave enough to do that. It’s such a beautiful offering to myself.

BUT not every day do I feel excited to sit down at my computer and blog. Some days I have to look to my future-self – like my two-hours-later self – to motivate my present-self. How does my future-self feel, after the post is posted? Am I grateful for the time I used to study and post?

“One of the things that’s really important is really making sure that I DO feel grateful in my visualization. And if I don’t, trying to figure out why.”

Such a helpful practice! Is future-Rachel grateful for the hours spent on the blog today? If not, what should she have been doing instead? What would serve her better, right now?

“It actually reveals a lot to me when I can’t get to that place of gratitude, it’s like I still have work to do or maybe it’s not the right goal.”

Okay. Let’s consider something bigger. Blogging daily is, comparatively easy. What about preparing for a Primary Program. Every year the children in the church congregation put on a presentation, during the Sunday service. They prepare most the year – it is an incredible amount of work. Each song, each statement, where will each child sit, when will we hold rehearsals? Theme? Artwork? Invitations? Bulletins? And I am in charge of pulling it off. Ha.

How will I feel after the presentation is completed? Can I get to a place of gratitude? Yes, I feel strongly about the good the children can do in the world, one congregation at a time.

The process of getting into a place of gratitude ahead of time really helps me refine what it is exactly that I want. If I feel strongly about the Primary Program, itself, but I still can’t feel that gratitude, maybe I am not doing something right? Maybe there are too many new songs for the children to learn. Maybe I am not involving my counselors enough in the preparation. Right?

“I know exactly how much content to put in. I know exactly who to invite to the training. I know exactly what to stipulate, right, because I’ve gone there before so I already know all the answers. My future-self, who’s already grateful, already knows all the answers to those questions.”

Can I get to a place of gratitude, ahead of time? Can I use that future-self?What do I need to do, if I am not there already?

How important is it to get into that place? To feel gratitude in advance? Well, the Primary Program can survive without it. I have put on several of these presentations in the past, without having tried to get into a place of gratitude ahead of time, at least consciously.

But how much better, if I can get to that place? Why would I NOT want to be working from that place? It can affect everything, my friends! This is a game changer.

“Your thought is the signal that you send out into the universe, and the vibration is what magnetizes it to you. If you’re in a vibration of gratitude, if you’re in a vibration of abundance, if you’re in a positive vibration you will attract a lot of positive things to your life.

I want you to think about what it would feel like to win a 100 million dollars. How you would spend that money? Who would you send money to? It’s a really fun thing to do with your brain. And you can think about the emotions that you would feel and how grateful you would feel and how excited you would feel.

Now, have you won the lottery? No. Are you still experiencing those emotions of having won it? Yes. Because you’re going to that place.

All those positive emotions, that abundance, that excitement, those emotions are what the law of attraction responds to. The more you can play with that the better. I like to picture my goals in my life, having already achieved them and feeling that gratitude ahead of time and creating that vibration.”

If you can find your way to gratitude then you almost ensure whatever it is you created in your mind, is going to happen. What does the thought-work to “getting to gratitude ahead of time” look like?

  1. Fast forward to, It’s already done! Consider it done.
  2. Literally practice feeling gratitude. Practice that emotion. When you think about that thing that you want and you think about being grateful for having had it, memorize that feeling – memorize what it feels like.
  3. Notice what interferes. What thoughts interfere with your feeling grateful. Work on those interferences.

We can practice these three steps daily – maybe hourly, if we take the time to do the thought-work.

Example. Meal time:

  1. Fast forward to, In my mind, the meal is done, and I ate my protein and I ate my vegetables, and I didn’t sneak a bite of my toddlers mac and cheese. It’s done. The dishes are in the dishwasher.
  2. Practice feeling grateful that I cared for my body in that way. I am grateful because I feel great, physically and I feel great feelings toward myself when I can trust myself to eat clean. Practice feeling gratitude toward myself.
  3. What could interfere with my future-gratitude? Well, if I didn’t eat enough and I was still hungry. It is hard to feel grateful when I am hungry, right? But that is something I can easily work out. I can add a healthy fat to my meal, for example.

Okay. Here is one that I have to think through every few days. Do I wash my hair today or not. Ha ha ha! The struggle is real, my friends! It takes so much time and effort. First world problem, I know. Let’s do the thought-work, though:

  1. Fast forward. My hair is washed and styled. I took the time, and now I shouldn’t need to wash/style my hair for three days.
  2. I am grateful I took the time now to do this menial job.
  3. What could interfere with my future-gratitude? Well, if I didn’t time it right. Girls, you know what I am talking about. If I didn’t time it right, and didn’t get it done right, I will feel frustrated instead of grateful, and I will have to do the whole thing over again the next day.

Again, these are first-world problems. I am laughing at myself over here. But, the point is made. The practice is taking place. I will be more prepared to take on heavier things if I practice on these menial things. Let’s start, today.


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