This morning, after some time in my prayer closet, in my mind I came back to this idea of “impossible goals”. When I leave my prayer closet, I am always more sure of who I am and who’s I am. And, setting goals coming from that place – that sure foundation – will be a different experience than coming from a place of personal scarcity, or a need to prove something – whether to myself or to anyone else.

Coming from a place of personal abundance – I am 100% lovable, just the way I am, I am 100% worthy, just the way I am – my goals feel exciting, inspiring, a gift to me and to others. Do you feel that? Do you feel the Spirit of abundance, of love, of pure desires?

Let’s start from that place, and let’s work from that place.

What are some of my impossible goals?

  • I want my work to be published
  • I want to travel for one year with my husband and children
  • I want to build a house – well, I want to design it and hire someone to build it, anyway
  • I want to learn to speak a second language fluently

Why do I want to do these things? Family bonding? Better prepare me to serve in the world? Or maybe I want to do it because it would be incredible to see myself do it! To intentionally stretch myself in these ways.

I have been thinking a lot about my relationship with myself. Do I trust myself? Do I have confidence in my own ability to make something big and new and maybe a little scary, happen?

“So many of us think small. We think in terms of what is possible. And when we think about what’s possible, we create futures based on our past. We create futures that are possible, and the way that we determine what is possible is by what we’ve already done.”

I don’t think that is showing a lot of faith in myself, right?

Okay, my friends. What is the HOW? I have some ideas – some impossible goals. I am, every day, through mantra meditation and through keeping my commitments to myself, getting in the habit of trusting myself. If I have the goal, and I trust myself to reach that goal, and I am believing, and I am “identifying with myself from that future”, what now is the HOW?

“I’ve noticed students set these huge goals for themselves, which of course I love, but then they try and take huge actions as their first step.

How do we focus in the here and now to generate that impossible goal for ourselves?

You just take the next action based on where you are today.”

Got it. Now what does that look like? Well, here is what is doesn’t look like:

“This is what I’ve seen so many people do. They set these big goals for themselves, and then they expect themselves to lose five pounds in the first five minutes or make $8000 in the first month. And then when they don’t get that evidence, they give up on that goal so fast. They give up so quickly because there’s no evidence.”

Don’t confuse an impossible goal with impossible daily steps. Let me repeat that. Don’t confuse an impossible goal with impossible daily steps.

We will work over the next day or two on those “next best actions” – calendaring out what steps I need to take toward that impossible goal, and keeping those scheduled commitments to myself. We will talk about that tomorrow and Saturday.

“Here’s the truth; if you just keep taking your next best action, the next thing that you know how to do, the next thing that you know how to figure out, all of those tiny little steps are what lead to the ultimate big step… Think big and then to act small… You have to ask yourself what is that first next step.”

That first next step.

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