BYU SPEECHES – 1 Dec 2015

When Ella was younger, she always had an eye on us. She was scared of losing us, so she was always checking over her shoulder, making sure we were there, making sure we approved, making sure we were paying attention.

Jono, on the other hand, never looked back. He had an idea and he went for it, and he assumed we would not only be okay with it, we would entirely have his back. He would walk off and never look back. And when we’d ask him if he was scared he’d get lost, he had the attitude of, “Well, you’ve never lost me yet.”

In my relationship with God, I have some of Ella in me and I have some of Jono in me. I have times when I am checking, making sure that I haven’t been left, making sure that God is there and helping and approving. I have had other times when I confidently moved forward with the attitude, “God has never lost me yet.”

And I think it is okay. I think He takes us as we are, where we are – insecure or maybe over-secure. I have been thinking a lot about this.

But I also think that the most rewarding relationship I have had with the Lord is not necessarily the times when I’ve either seen or assumed that the Lord is there for me, but when I’ve made sure that I am there for Him – not when I am looking for ways He can help me, but when I am asking for ways that I can be of service to Him.

Listen to this:

“Each of us faces a choice. We can choose to see ourselves as the Lord’s servants and humbly seek to know what He wants us to be doing with the talents and time He has given us. As such, we can seek to enlarge His kingdom and prepare it for His return. Or we may imagine that the story is all about us. Too many fall into this trap. They forget that they are His servants and begin to imagine that He is theirs. They think erroneously that Christ came to make all their dreams come true. For those in such a trap, prayer becomes like dropping memos on a desk in a heavenly office: ‘Could you please take care of this as soon as possible?'”

I got on my knees this morning and asked, Lord what wouldst Thou have me do today.

And He told me.

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