It’s Saturday. Before we look at my past week, though, let’s look at the past few hours of my morning.

Coronavirus. President Trump declared it a national emergency just yesterday. Schools are closed. Church is cancelled. Flights from Europe/Asia will not land in the United States. And, of course, there is not a roll of toilet paper on the shelves at the shops. Not one.

And when we got down to 25 rolls earlier this week, I decided to jump on the ban wagon. Too late. Even Amazon is sold out. That takes us to this morning:

7:00am, Bry headed out, to catch the shops as they were opening up, hoping for toilet paper. No.

7:30am, he decides there is no option but to join the masses waiting in line at Costco, two hours before the doors opened.

Yesterday, the Costco employees said 1000 people were in line before the doors opened. Bry was in line with the first couple hundred this morning.

8:00am, Julia came into the bedroom, donning her toilet paper art. Oh dear. I think we can reuse it, if we are careful.

8:30am, I am looking for other options to toilet paper.

9:00am, our neighbor shows up on our doorstep with a pack of 9 rolls.

9:15am, I pull out the spotting scope to watch the madness in the Costco parking lot from the safety of my mountain home, 8 miles up the hill.

9:30am, Costco doors open. Bry gets in. Bry takes a shortcut past the produce and toward the paper goods where he secures for us a package of toilet paper by 9:31am. One package. And a couple dozen roses for me. I am not sure which offering touched me more.

I think it would be just as time intensive, and, ultimately cheaper, to buy tickets to Cabo for the family. My uncle is there now. He says there is plenty toilet paper.

Let’s look at my week today on SATURDAY SO WHAT! What can I “take home” with me? Where can I improve? What points do I want to retain in my memory, to use, to serve me?

DAY #130

“Each of us faces a choice. We can choose to see ourselves as the Lord’s servants and humbly seek to know what He wants us to be doing with the talents and time He has given us. As such, we can seek to enlarge His kingdom and prepare it for His return. Or we may imagine that the story is all about us. Too many fall into this trap. They forget that they are His servants and begin to imagine that He is theirs. They think erroneously that Christ came to make all their dreams come true. For those in such a trap, prayer becomes like dropping memos on a desk in a heavenly office: ‘Could you please take care of this as soon as possible?'”

DAY #131

Take those wings that Bryant has always offered me, and FLY!

DAY #132

“There’s never anything to forgive because nobody ever does anything wrong… Stay in non-judgment… Don’t make things good or bad or right or wrong… Don’t judge anything in a way that would make (me) feel bad… The less I judge, the better I feel. The less I qualify things as right or wrong, the more magic I have.”

DAY #133

“When you quit buffering, you feel terrible because that’s the reason you’re buffering in the first place. But on the other side of terrible is the life that you’re meant to be living.”

I want to ask myself, what is it that I am using to buffer? What is it that the buffering is helping me tolerate that I shouldn’t be tolerating?

DAY #135

Eating things that you like to eat does NOT have to be a problem. We are having enchiladas for dinner on Sunday. I love enchiladas! This is preparation for my enchilada dinner.

So that first half of that bell curve is positive. No overeating yet. No unwanted consequences.

Now mentally draw a dotted line down the middle of your pleasure bell curve.

We are talking about only eat up to that dotted line in the pleasure bell curve. Whether it is a salad or homemade enchiladas. Eat up to that dotted line. Then, when we get to that line, if we eat more, if we take a step beyond that line, we are going to feel stuffed or uncomfortable, and we are in the overeating zone, with all its unwanted consequences.


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