Jody Moore did a super cute interview with her daughter, Macy, on today’s podcast.

Our children have minds of their own, dreams of their own, fears of their own, and struggles of their own. And, though this has absolutely nothing to do with Macy Moore, I wanted to share with you something Jono is learning, and is teaching me, too.

I couldn’t find my deodorant. Anywhere.

Liam offered me his. It was so kind of him, that I had to say yes. So. I’m wearing my 10-year old’s man-deodorant. Really. He said, “Mom, it smells SO good on you!”

Side note: Jono doesn’t LIE, but he conveniently doesn’t tell me the truth. In fact, he and I got on our knees together just last night to repent of him not being 100% honest. And he asked Heavenly Father to help him be brave and always tell the truth, even when it’s hard. It was a really sweet moment. He really seemed to “get” it!

Often the Lord teaches us a principle, then, almost immediately gives us an opportunity to practice what we learned. Right?!

Well, some time after I put on Liam’s man-deodorant, Jono came to me:

“Mom, I actually know where your deodorant is.” I was trying so hard not to laugh at his confession, wondering what a 9-year old boy would want with his mom’s deodorant.

“Do you, buddy?”

“Yes.” His head was bowed all the way down, as he stood in front of me. “Ms Saluone said we all need to start wearing deodorant, so I brought yours to school with me to share with the kids in my class.”

I was absolutely dying inside, trying not to cry in laughter.

“Ah ha. (Pause). So, where is it now?”

He then produced for me what was left of my stick of deodorant. I’m not sure how many 4th grade armpits it had deodorized. It was absolutely mauled.

“Thanks so much for telling me the truth! Heavenly Father must have helped you to tell the truth when it was so hard!”

I love being a mom – with all my heart! And I want the best for my boy.

Jody closed her interview with Macy:

“I’m sure proud of you. I hope that you will remember that as you continue to think about the future, the things you want might change. Like you said when you were little, you thought you wanted to stay with me forever. That’s starting to change. So, it’s okay for what you want to change, but I want you to always be thinking about what you want and to not listen to your brain when it says, ‘Oh, you can’t do that, or you’re not allowed, or you shouldn’t, or it’s too hard.'”

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