THE LAST 10 POUNDS – Episode 160

“It doesn’t matter – eat all the ice cream you can get your hands on! We are all going to die anyway!” That is what my brain is saying, here at home, on quarantine, with the children, during this Corona virus scare.

Not really, of course. But, that monkey brain of mine does jump to conclusions. And, yes, I have been making my eating decisions from that lower brain these past couple weeks. I am eating whatever and whenever I want – this is a scarcity mindset, right? And I feel crummy.

Let’s talk about this today. Let’s talk about questioning our lower brains:

“Ask yourself, ‘Is it possible that that may not be true?’ Then have a good laugh at your brain, about how wild that thought is.”

We can smile at our brains – we can have that relationship with ourselves and with our brains. We don’t have to take our thoughts so seriously.

“It’s okay to be a little playful with yourself and your outdated thoughts… in a playful, loving way.”

What outdated thoughts?

  • I can’t do this.
    • Of course you can, if you want to. Trust me. I’ve got you.
  • The prettier I am, the happier I am.
    • That doesn’t make sense, brain. Think of how out-of-sorts I looked last week, and I was as happy and as content as I have ever been.
  • I deserve to eat anything and everything that I want.
    • Actually, you deserve more than that. You deserve to eat the healthiest foods, and in the way that will give you the most energy and the most vitality.

Can I look at my thoughts, and question my thoughts, and, with love, smile at what my lower brain offers me when it is not being managed by the higher brain?

“It is more effective to create change in any part of your life, if you aren’t feeling so heavy and serious and demoralizing.”

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