For SATURDAY SO WHAT, let’s look over some of my favorite quotes from the past week, day by day.


“(Brigham Young) didn’t know exactly when the building of the Salt Lake Temple would be completed nor exactly what the final product would ultimately contain.  He didn’t know that Johnson’s Army would soon be coming, nor that the railroad would bring the world to the Saints, even as they were trying to escape the world.  Nor did he know he would die some 15 years before the temple would be completed.  But he knew God intended that he and the Saints undertake this task—that they could begin and be faithful and be true, even if they couldn’t see the end from the beginning…

(By commencing) you are making your own inspired, pioneering journey. And you will have some Kirtland’s and Jackson County’s, and some Nauvoo’s along the way. 

Not every aspect of the future goal is clear; for that matter not every aspect of the present challenge about how to get there is clear…

Be faithful.  Stand steady.  Believe in what God intends for you personally.”


LIE: Bryant and the children control how smoothly my evenings go.

LIE: My way of doing bed-time is the only way, or even the best way of doing bed-time.

TRUTH: Bryant is exactly who he is supposed to be, as are the children – every single hour of the day, every single day of the week.

TRUTH: I am the constant in my own life – the one thing I can continuously expect. I am the common denominator. I only need to work on myself to create the life – or the bed-time routine – that I want.


“Mostly, brothers and sisters, we become the victims of our own wrong desires… The education of our desires is one of far-reaching importance to our happiness in life”.


“‘Present’ isn’t something for you. It is something for someone else. It’s a PRESENT. It is something you give… When somebody says to you, thank you for listening. When somebody says, I really feel heard. That is an indication that you are present.”


“I’m sixth-grading SO HARD!”


There is a way to decondition your urges or your cravings – food or otherwise. (1) Pause. (2) Ask yourself what you want for yourself in the big picture – is this what I want for myself in the big picture. (3) Stop encouraging the craving by acting on the craving, but sit with the craving, allow it, smile at it, recognize your power over it.

And you and I will gain power over that craving, as we continue to do this.


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