Thinking more about contrast. I found this episode by Brooke Castillo to be a brilliant follow up to yesterday’s message:

“Everyone has moments we tell ourselves that the absence of contrast is what will bring the ideal life. And yet, contrast is the very element that makes life so meaningful to begin with. And contrast is the key to change.”

I am going to take today’s post to share a few thoughts Brooke Castillo shared on contrast. Signing off. Enjoy some Brooke:


“There will never come a time when we no longer have to do models. When they do solve one problem, we will get a brand new one to work on immediately. It is never done.”

“We yearn for the day when our problems will be solved, when the good will outweigh the bad, all of the time. (But) there is no place where you arrive where then you feel good all of the time, and there’s no place where then you arrive, and your problems are gone.”

“What is so bad about problems? What is so bad about those negative feelings? Why do we think that that part of our life should be eliminated?”

“Life being negative emotion half of the time is by design. It’s needed and wanted. All good isn’t all good because there’s nothing to contrast it against, to know it’s even good.”

“When you resist the pain, you make the pain worse. You’re resisting it because it’s bad, but your resisting it makes it worse. And when you accept it, it is less painful. When you relax into it, when you breathe it in willingly, the pain that you were so desperate to resist and buffer from becomes less painful… What I’ve been doing is moving toward the emotion and then relaxing and melting into that emotion. That has made such a huge difference, to be able to be present and to know that I’m going to have those emotions and that they’re okay, right? We don’t have to resist them.”

“While we are exhausting ourselves seeking peace from negativity, we miss this lesson: There can be peace in the negativity. We don’t even have to judge the negative as negative. We can just accept it as something that provides the contrast to create all the joy, excitement and exhilaration life truly has to offer us.”

“When I say problems are forever, it immediately lets me relax. I’m not in a hurry anymore. I don’t need to get there, get there, get there. I don’t need to lose all the weight and stop drinking right now, and do all these things right now because I think ‘then life will be better’. It won’t be better. It will just be different. There’s no rush. It’s all going to be fine.”


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