DAY #191 MOM IS IN CONTROL (again)

ON BOYS – 7 May 2020

We are still in self-quarantine. Stores are open, but we have to wear a face mask to enter the building. Schools are closed, as are churches, and any social gatherings.

“I see a lot of memes out there… People will tell you, ‘It’s okay you’re drinking a bottle of wine a day. It’s okay that you’re wearing pajamas every day.’ And, is that really okay for you? Is that making you feel amazing and alive and energized? You don’t have to be perfect, but I think there’s a point where people are giving us a lot of permission to not show up for ourselves right now, and … I will never use this as an excuse to why I don’t have the best life possible…

In this moment, whatever life is bringing to you, and whatever you are experiencing … create the life that you want.”

Creating the life that I want – yes! We are all getting out of quarantine, at some time or another. Some of us will come out of this having bettered ourselves, some of us will come out of this more frustrated with ourselves, and further from our goals.

In my inbox this morning was an email from a company that offers a personal stylist. All the emails I have gotten from them have been helpful to me – tips on how to look good in a zoom meeting, for example. So helpful. And I’ve totally used Dani’s tips.

This morning’s email:

“I hope you’re finding ways to improve yourself during this global pause.  A wise woman once told me of a friend who had been left standing at the alter.  All of her dreams of the perfect husband, marriage, and ‘happily ever after’ quickly vanished out the window as she stood there alone. After wallowing for a few days, she decided she couldn’t change the world but she could change herself.  So she made her top ten list, her bucket list of everything she wanted to do in her life.  (And she started) chipping away at the 10 bucket list items, those things she could change, until she changed enough to become a more complete version of herself. It turns out that her ‘happily ever after’ was more about becoming, than the chaos happening around her. 

How are you taking advantage of this time out?  What’s on your top 10 list that you can chip away at?”

I actually have thought of a couple things I could work on, with the extra time I have on my hands. And I have been. One day of pajamas and sweets lead me to the conclusion, pretty quickly, that this was not taking me where I want to be. So, what am I working on?

  • I’ve always wanted to be able to do a pull up. So, I am out there, on the back porch, where Bry set up a hold, and I am working on it.
  • Ever since our trip to Portugal, I have been fascinated with mosaics. So, I learned how to mosaic. When the kids pull out their homework, I pull out my mosaic materials, and we work side by side, until lunch.
  • My hair is really suffering, with our move to the desert and with my trichotilomania. So, with nowhere to go, I have been deep conditioning my hair once a week, and wrapping it tight in plastic wrap for the day. And I haven’t been blow drying it. I hope it helps.

These seem kind of silly. But they are positive. And they are moving me one little step closer to who I want to be, rather than one little step further, right?

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