Today I am sharing an old journal entry, from seven years ago. This is going to be FAMILY fitness and health today.

While I was cleaning up after the children’s dinner, I could hear Liam and Ella talking in the next room over. Liam said something to Ella about her breaking his heart. She assured him that she had NOT broken his heart.

Little Liam asked, “Ella, what does it mean to ‘break my heart’?”  

Ella said, “Like when mom had to watch her child die. That broke her heart.”

At this point in their lives, to my three oldest children, that is what it means to have a broken heart. Our lives are made up of our experiences. That is not a new revelation. But it was made clear again to me tonight. These children’s perspective, even their reality, is built on these family experiences.

Two thoughts on this:


We cannot judge others, as we cannot truly appreciate their perspective – their reality.


I need to be so careful with these little ones.  But I also need to allow them to see me – see my broken heart, see my joy, see my frustration at times, see my coping skills, see my faith, see my hope, see my charity, see me cook and clean and struggle over (under) the loads of laundry, see me pay my tithing, see me talk through differences with Bryant when appropriate, see me love and respect Bryant, see me love and respect my parents and my in-laws and my grandparents, see me look for sales on cereal, see me ask a stranger for help or directions, see me laugh really really hard, see me cry, see me bleed when I cut my finger, see me order pizza when I am at my whit’s end, see me eat pizza, but also see me eat cucumbers and even gag down a bit of celery at times. These things will make up their reality, and will, God willing, help bring them direction and peace in this crazy experience called “life”.

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