I woke up at 6am. I was going to sleep in later. That’s okay I got a chance to lie in bed and think about the four trees we planted this week. 

One Japanese lilac tree:

One indoor lemon tree:

Two apple trees:

None of the trees we planted look like the trees in those picures. Ha ha! They may never get that big and beautiful in my life time. But maybe they will! And I’ll be grateful ten years down the road from now, that we thought to plant them, right?

What about our future – Bryant and mine. What are we “planting” now that, 10 years down the road, I’ll look back and be so grateful we thought to do? Bry and I sat in the van and talked about this for some time one morning this week, in fact. It was really inspiring to me. 

  • Retirement savings 
  • Relationships with the children and time with the children and memories with the children
  • Healthy habits for our bodies
  • Journals
  • Maybe there’s a skill we could be learning now that would be fun to have in the future. Bry is learning to drive a horse. He thinks in the future it will be helpful to have a horse and cart. I think bagpipes would be helpful, considering all the people that want bagpipes played at their funeral. 
  • I wondered if I should learn to clean our outside windows. We’ve had lots of bids over the past three years, and it’s expensive. But I think we’d really enjoy looking at our view from clean windows.
  • Even the way we decorate our home. Bry and I just ordered 300 pictures from the past 16 years. We want to make a wall of memories. We want the children to remember people and places and experiences, and we want them to tell stories and hear stories and remember significant stories from our years in NYC and London and now Utah. I think that will serve our family well, to intentionally share those memories with each other.
  • I think education will always serve me well – now and ten years down the road. Daily scripture study. Books. Podcasts. Classes. 
  • Last year my gift to myself for Mother’s Day was that sour dough class. I am so glad I did that! I use that skill every week now.

“How grateful I am and how gracious I am to my past self for creating this life for me that I’m currently living. I want to high-five myself for listening to my own advice, for doing what I told her to do. I’m so thankful and that relationship is so good… Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life… My past self hooked me up! She lost the weight. She quit drinking. So now I don’t have to. She set a business. She built a team. She saved money. She married Chris. She took care of her beautiful children. All these things I am so grateful to myself for! … And I want to feel that same way 10 years from now. I want to be thankful for my past self 10 years from now. So my focus right now is how can I pass that forward? How can I make that even better for my future self?”

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