This past weekend I got to spend a little time with my brother in law, Brad, at a family gathering. Brad is a think-er. He is a dream-er. He is a do-er. He is a read-er. He is a practice-er. And this man is great for a discussion.

While the others were filling their plates with donuts and pizza, we stood against the back wall and got into a discussion about “floors and ceilings”.

FLOORS – Your bare minimum.

CEILINGS – Highest ideals, the very best version of yourself.

And I have become a big fan of floors, since blogging about this concept in DAY #120.

“A floor is something you can do in ANY circumstances – sickness, bad weather, traveling, etc.”

Brad has the personality that if he reaches his ceiling of, say 50 burpees, he thinks to himself, May as well do 20 more. And then he has set a standard that he cannot keep.

And both floors and ceilings are meant to protect ourselves, and they both have to do with self trust. I trust that I will do 15 burpees every single day – a floor. I trust that I will stop at 50 burpees – a ceiling.

We are talking about FRIDAY FITNESS AND HEALTH today, right? I want to re-look at a floor and ceiling I set for myself 104 days ago:

FLOOR – 12 burpees

CEILING – Full body workout at the gym

And, there hasn’t been a single day in those 104 days that I haven’t met at least my floor. I have it documented.

But with the pandemic still keeping us out of the gyms, Bryant and I have not been going at all. My ceiling isn’t possible right now at all. Tonight I want to try something new – a new ceiling and a new floor.

I started by googling “if I could do just one exercise for overall health, what should it be”. With only some mixed opinions, I want to report that probably 90% of the sites google provided for me labeled either burpees or dead-lifts as the number one exercise for overall health. I can do those. I can do those at home, without a gym. And until we return to the gym, here is my new floor and ceiling, pandemic style:

FLOOR – 10 burpees, 10 dead-lifts

CEILING – Burpees, dead-lifts, and a 30 minute run around the neighborhood

Too ambitious? I don’t think so. But I will let the data over the next couple weeks speak for itself. I am going for wins, every day.

“What would happen in your life if you were getting more wins?’

Next DAY #227 SO WHAT

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