I get my blood drawn a couple times every year by my doctor, just to see how I am doing, and to give me some indication of what my body is needing right now. Last week was my appointment. The doctor told me to come for the blood draw, fasting. Why I didn’t think to drink water in that time, I don’t know. But I didn’t. My arm was sore for two days after the appointment, from the phlebotomist stabbing and jiggling that needle around, trying to get a good full vein.

The results will come back next week.

But I can tell you, something is “off”. I can feel it in my body. My brother, who is a doctor himself, says he likes to treat athletes because they know their bodies. They know what is “okay pain” and what is not “okay pain”. They know what exercises make their bodies feel what way, normally, and what foods make their bodies feel what way, normally. They know when they need to see a doctor, and when their body can take care of itself.

He made that comment years ago, and it has really stuck with me, and I have wanted to know my body the way an athlete would know their body. And maybe I can even learn how to meet the needs of my body, with diet, rest, and exercise. That is the goal, right?

And so much of it comes back to those basics.


Dehydration is a stresser on our bodies.


We need our sleep. And when we can’t sleep, why?

“If there are decisions to be made, MAKE THEM.”

Otherwise, put those worries in a worry-bucket, and go to sleep. You can pick those worries up tomorrow if you want.


This is different the exercise. If all we can do is take a walk around the block, movement will improve our health.


Zinc. Vitamin D. Vitamin C. Vitamin A.

Now, this is information – it is very very basic information, in fact. It is information you or I could find almost anywhere. We didn’t need Brenda today for this information.

But information is not enough.

In Brigham Young’s words:

“Do you think that people will obey the truth because it is true, unless they love it? No, they will not.”

In Brenda’s words:

“It’s your belief systems that keep you from doing what you already know you should be doing.”

I have access to information, and the doctor will provide me with even more information, when he reviews with me the results of my blood work. But that information will do me no good if I don’t love it, right? If my belief system works against me and against my body. Let’s look at my belief system this week. What beliefs do I have surrounding my health? Are those beliefs serving me well or not? And how would I go about changing my belief system, if I chose to?

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