Okay. Confession. I have never played a game of poker in my life. Though my Gramma brought me to a casino when I was small and taught me how to work the slot machines. Maybe because I didn’t win anything (ha ha), but gambling has just never been a temptation of mine.

So, I have never played poker before, but I’ve seen Casino Royale, so I pretty much know how it works! Right?

Maybe not. But enough to understand what Brooke is teaching with her poker reference today. This makes so much sense to me:

“I want you to imagine you’re sitting at a table at a casino. Now, you don’t know what you’ve been dealt – you haven’t looked at your hand yet. But you do have a goal to win. Regardless of the hand that you’re dealt, your goal is to win.

So, if you study people that are really good at poker, they can’t control the hand that they’re dealt. That’s random. They can’t control it. But they can control what they do with the hand.

And no matter what hand is dealt to them, they are going to be the best poker player they can be in that moment. And they are going to go after winning. They’re not like, ‘Oh, this hand is terrible. I give up. I’m not going to win. I’m no longer a good poker player.’

They know that being dealt unfortunate hands is part of the game of poker (50/50, right?) and that you can still win.

So, if we can approach our lives that way, that all of the circumstances are just hands that we’re dealt, and we’re still committed to being the best version of ourselves regardless of that hand, we’re still committed to winning the game, then we use those hands for our purpose instead of throwing them away or rejecting them or being mad or upset about them.

My struggles in my life, my “bad hands”, have made me more of who I am, not less. My parent’s divorce has driven me to this study, with a passion. It has made me much more in control of my thoughts and thus my feelings.

“The reason that there are struggles, the reason that there are challenges, the reasons that there are “problems” and “negative things” in the world is for us to use them to evolve, to become, to grow… They are the curriculum that we are to utilize to become our future selves. “


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