Today I have a little something for FRIDAY FITNESS AND HEALTH, from the reserves of my own mind. You are welcome.

I want to be a writer. I have “dressed” for the job for years. I journal every day. In addition to that, I blog every day. And I am now in hot pursuit of my Impossible Goal. I want to spend some more time on that later. Look for that to come.

Today I was looking through Brenda Lomeli’s website. I like her approach to loving our bodies and trusting our bodies, and building trust with our bodies. On her website, and on her podcast episodes, she, herself, is the model in each picture. The thought came to me, If I knew that I would be modeling each week for a picture that will be viewed by hundreds, how would I better care for my appearance?

Could I live each day as if that were my job? Could I arrive at “work” each day, looking as if I were a model for my own blog?

And, it probably isn’t healthy to expect that of myself each day, but could I make a more concentrated effort?

  • Take care of my skin as if someone were going to be looking at it every day, because someone is – ME
  • Floss these pearly-whites, every day, as if someone will be waiting for my smile every day, because someone is – ME
  • Care for my eyelashes, my eyebrows, and my hair, every day, as if someone will be appreciating them every day, because someone will be – ME
  • Eat and drink what gives me a natural glow, every day, as if my glow will brighten someone’s day, because it will – MINE
  • Exercise every day as if I have someone to show off my sculpted shoulders to, because I do – ME

Next DAY #255 SO WHAT

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